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    high Co2 volume, problems serving

    Beer line length is definitely your problem. I used this formula when setting up me keezer. It came from Check it out. It will solve your problem. Plus a little work.
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    How do you drink in the sun?

    This works better. You can drink a little, or you can drink a lot!
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    Where did i go wrong?

    Not Midwest Supplies fault. You DID say you dropped it in water and it got into the dial. That would definitely affect your reading. I like dial thermometers but I check them in ice water before every brew day.
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    Last meal?

    A five gallon bucket of chips and a five gallon bucket of chili con queso. Actually, just inject me with the queso. That'll be just fine.
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    Aeration for cheapskates

    I use this in my fermenter AFTER I have cooled the wort and let it rip for like 5 mins. I use a drill with a chord and get a lot of power. It works really well for me and was FREE. This along with pitching the appropriate amount of yeast is all I ever see myself needing for a thorough fermentation.
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    What do you hate most about brew day?

    I hate when you get all set up and prepare yourself for brew day and when you wake up its really WINDY! The wind can make an otherwise awesome brew day very frustrating. Especially when using the propane burner. You have to constantly watch it in case the flame blows out. I miss having an...
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    Gelatin after carbing in keg

    I asked this question yesterday to a professional brewer friend of mine. I kegged a dry hopped IPA 10 days ago and put it on CO2 immediately. I am not dry hopping in the keg however. I asked if I could still use gelatin to clear the beer and he says absolutely I can. I will add the gelatin...
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    Which faucets?

    I love my Perlick 525ss. They are well built and are easily dissembled to clean and rebuild. They are very classy looking as well. I bought mine used for a very good price but I won't think twice about buying my next one at full price. I just got lucky because they came with my keezer. There is...
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    I'm losing my mind over this

    And you have replaced your beer line and faucet o-rings?
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    Just Transferred beer to keg to find out I have no CO2

    Either way, I bet you'll be able to release some pressure from C02 coming out of solution after transferring if you have a good seal. Try to vent it tomorrow. If the keg is full, there shouldn't be a lot of headspace to replace.
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    Just Transferred beer to keg to find out I have no CO2

    You have never blown into a carboy cap to start a siphon? Same risk. many do it
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    Just Transferred beer to keg to find out I have no CO2

    Maybe just blow in the headspace of your keg with a straw or something like that? You exhale C02. Just don't drool in it. Maybe brush your teeth and use mouthwash first? sounds like a joke but I'm almost serious.
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    Glass carboy... breaks... 5 gallons gone

    This would be the only instance where I would hope you have a lot of dead "homies" Ouch! Whats better do you think? Carboy breaking or dumping a batch due to infection? A broken carboy is out of your control. No way to get it back. The next one better be "better" so you can forget about it...
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    I'm losing my mind over this

    Have you tried making a starter with a fresh vial of liquid yeast? Like California Ale or San Diego Super Yeast from White Labs?
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    Infected beer after keggging?

    The same thing happened to me with my last beer although I had it set at 30 psi. I was so concerned it was inflected because it had a sour taste that hadn't been there before . I put it down to 12 psi, tried it a week later and it was gone. I bet this is what you are experiencing. My beer...
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    Infected beer after keggging?

    What is your method of carbonating? Force carbonating at a higher PSI or setting it at serving pressure for a couple of weeks?
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    West Coast IPAs

    That is a cool article, thanks!
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    West Coast IPAs

    So this seems to be a new style of IPA that has been gaining popularity recently. When looking into west coast and east coast style IPAs and their differences, it seems that west coast IPAs have less malt and more hop character, while east coast IPAs have more malt and less hop character. How...
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    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    I wish I had some pictures of the ones by where I live. I will investigate this spring and will definitely be checking for seeds and getting some rhizomes. There are a few home brewers near where I live but no one seemed interested to go and pick with me. I had fun doing it on my own anyway and...
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    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    If you give me a little instruction on exactly how to locate the seeds, I'd be happy to. I ride my bike by them almost daily in the summer.