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  1. Punx Clever

    Wee Heavy Willie's Wee Heavy

    25 lbs Golden Promise (2.0 SRM) 1 lbs Crystal 60 (60.0 SRM) 1 lbs Crystal 120 (120.0 SRM) 2.0 oz East Kent Goldings (3.2% AA) - 120 Minutes Imperial Tartan (A31) + 2L starter Mash at 150'F for 60 minutes This beer was made to take advantage of my club's Barrel Project program. It is being...
  2. Punx Clever

    L6-30 receptacle overheating on brew kettle

    I have a 10-gallon 3-vessel HERMS setup using one heating element in the HLT and one in the boil kettle. The elements are 5500w tri-clamp style with integrated L6-30 plugs like the one below: I power them using a single-channel PID controller built with an Auber SYL-2362, 50-amp ssr, and...
  3. Punx Clever

    HLT and MLT jackets from moving blankets

    Got busy and put together some washable, removable insulation for the HLT and MLT of my 3 vessel eHERMS. MLT is 100% done, and has edging on the cut edges now. HLT is 90% done, but the hard part is over, just needs grommets and edging. Each one is 50" x 18" with cutouts for the fittings and...
  4. Punx Clever

    Table Beer

    I've got a crazy idea to try to brew a 2-2.5% beer with flavor and hashed together a plan for a light Belgian-style rye beer. I figure this is a good way to pack a lot of flavor and complexity in such a light beer, while retaining a very refreshing quality. Rye should give it a bit of body and...
  5. Punx Clever

    Belgian Tripel (26C) and Trappist Single(26A) from the same, partigyle, mash

    I've got a local competition coming up in November this year that covers Belgian Tripel (26c), Belgian Dubbel (26B), and Trappist Single (26A). My original thought was to brew a dedicated Trappist Single with the following recipe: Boil Size: 7.50 gal Estimated OG: 1.054 SG Estimated Color: 4.4...
  6. Punx Clever

    Double IPA Feedback

    I'm a few months out of a local competition entry for IPA's and DIPA's and was hoping for some feedback. I've got a significant quantity of the hops in the recipe, so I'm focusing on those. Belma was a bust on a previous brew, so I figure using it for a bittering addition is best. The others...
  7. Punx Clever

    New eHERMS MLT

    During my last brew day, my RIMS tube kicked the bucket and kept tripping the GFCI, so I had to make the decision: rebuild the RIMS tube or get around to building out the extra keg. I decided to go for broke and build out an eHERMS MLT. After about $400 is fittings, tubing, and heating...
  8. Punx Clever

    Planning my e-brewery

    Back-story: I've been running a RIMS mash tun for some time now. The RIMS tube is built from a 5500/1375w hot tub heater, Auber PID, and a 40amp SSR. It has been powered by 120v until now with great results. My pump is a Chugger. My boil and HLT has always been gas. Current situation: I...
  9. Punx Clever

    Rye Not?

    BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: Rye Not? Brewer: Dempsey Smith Asst Brewer: Style: American Wheat or Rye Beer TYPE: All Grain Taste: (35.0) Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 6.00 gal Boil Size: 8.31 gal Estimated OG: 1.056 SG...
  10. Punx Clever

    Fruit Beer Bad Patch Raspberry Wheat

    Recipe: Raspberry Wheat Brewer: Dempsey Smith Asst Brewer: Style: Fruit Beer TYPE: All Grain Taste: (35.0) Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 6.00 gal Boil Size: 7.50 gal Estimated OG: 1.054 SG Estimated Color: 5.0 SRM Estimated IBU: 19.4 IBU Brewhouse...
  11. Punx Clever

    American Rye BJCP Category 6D

    I'm looking to brew an American Rye for category 6D. Looking at the BJCP guidelines, they say that 50% or more of the grain bill can come from wheat, then goes to say that for a rye beer some or all of the wheat can be substituted... So my question is: how much rye for a simple American Rye...
  12. Punx Clever

    Robust Porter

    Just threw together this robust porter. Came out at 5.75gal/1.067sg for 80% efficiency. Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.75 gal Boil Size: 7.50 gal Estimated OG: 1.067 SG Estimated Color: 35.4 SRM Estimated IBU: 42.5 IBU Brewhouse Efficiency: 80.00...
  13. Punx Clever

    Very malty American Amber Ale

    My thesis adviser requested a very malty beer for the lab fridge. I wanted to make something that could be ready in a month or so, so stouts and other roasted malt stuff were out. I also have the hops just laying around. So: Recipe: Malt Shock Amber Ale Brewer: Dempsey Smith Style...
  14. Punx Clever

    Bottom drain keg mash tun

    Finally upgraded from the old cooler, video of some oxy-clean re-circulating: The giant tri-clovers on the pump attach to a hot tub heater RIMS tube. Now I just gotta build a proper stand and get...
  15. Punx Clever

    March 809 on eBay

    march 809-BR 12V | eBay Just listed my March 809-br 12v. 12v pump, brass head. Only used it a few times. Bids start at $110
  16. Punx Clever

    Hard Cider Number Eight

    Background: I name my ciders for their alcohol content, 8% cider, thus Number Eight. Also, I don't have a color printer available anymore, so I made it for black and white. Enjoy!
  17. Punx Clever

    Electric Cold Box

    So, senior design for me in ME here at purdue rolled around this semester, and I managed to get a group together to build an "electric cold box." Some of you may be familiar with the cold plates sold so you can just take a coooler, put the plate and some taps on it, fill it with ice, and...
  18. Punx Clever

    Help me oh recipe gods!

    I've been tasked with producing a wedding present for my brother and his wonderful fiance (I mean really, she's damn cool). So the idea is to provide 15 gallons of homebrew for the wedding in august. 3 batches, 3 kegs. I'm pretty set on the styles I want to make... but need recommendations...
  19. Punx Clever

    Hard Cider

    Nearly everyone has made cider here on the forums because it's soo damn easy! Lots of others have made labels for said cider, including one very clever apple in Oktoberfest getup. Here is my new label for my cider that I will be entering as a still apple wine in this years wine competition...
  20. Punx Clever

    New cooler mash tun setup

    Hey all, I just recently updated my mash tun to a manifold instead of a stainless braid. Setup went EXTREMELY well and works like a charm with no leaks. Materials: 40qt igloo ice cube cooler (the one without wheels... dont think it can be bought anymore) 1/2" brass ball valve (can be...