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    Use for 25lbs of Oat Bran? Any ideas on what I could use this for, is it worth getting?
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    Lager Question

    I did my first lager and I'm wondering if my temp/schedule is going to have negative effects. Fermented at ~42-45 for 3 weeks Edit: Diacetyl for 24hours at 72F Secondary at 42-45 for 1.5 weeks Bottled with priming sugar Left at 75 for 2 days, then 63 for 1 week Placed in fridge to lager at 42...
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    Perlick 3 Tower Keg Box -FREE in Phoenix

    I don't know if I'll get in trouble for posting this, but someone ought to go get this. I don't have a truck, nor plans for kegging. So someone else check it out. Keg Box
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    Sweetwater 420 Clone, with decoction?

    I got a clone recipe for sweetwater from Mutilated1 on the forums. Made the extract version a year ago with pretty good results. Now I've got the equipment for all grain and a full boil. Below is the recipe, with slight hops modification for what I had around. My question is about a...
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    Vienna Lager/ Pale-Ale

    Brewed this up 4 weeks back, loosely based off Yooper's 'Fizzy Yellow Beer'. Tasted/smelled wonderful when racking to secondary for lagering. 4.25 gallons 7lbs Vienna 4lbs Marris Otter 60min .50 oz Simcoe 15min .50 oz Simcoe 5min .50 oz Amarillo Dry Hop in Secondary 10 days .50...
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    Finally started my Fermenting Chamber

    Well, SWMBO didn't say 'no' so I got my supplies and started building my chamber. I have a big-ol' 3.7cu ft mini fridge to work with, inherited from my brother. It already holds 1 better bottle, but I'd like to get more in the future as well as long-term chill beers. So the fridge measures...
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    Quinoa Plant

    I was bored and looked this up just to see. The red quinoa plant is a pretty cool looking guy, doesn't seem like something you'd eat.
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    I made GF soup...

    So last night I tried to mash my recipe for a 1 gallon batch: 1lb Malted Quinoa 12oz Buckwheat 8oz Flaked Oats I used 2 gallons of water, started at 120F for 30min to then raised to 150F where I added amylase powder (Crosby & Baker or whatever). I then raised the temp to 180 for 30min...
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    Recipe Critique

    Hey all, been reading the GF section for the past two weeks trying to get a feel for it. I want to brew up a nice copper/lt brown ale for my aunt who has celiac's, for christmas present. What are your thoughts on this recipe? I want to make it as close to real beer as possible, not cut any...
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    Nuts for Body

    All, Has anyone ever tried using nuts to produce body in the beer? I realize that they have a lot of fat, but I was going to attempt to boil them and decant the fat off hoping to produce a 'thickening' agent for a gluten free beer. Is this worth a shot or pointless? Seems like it might add...
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    Nuts as Adjuncts

    I was reading through the gluten free forums and saw that chestnuts are a viable, though expensive, option for fermentables. I was wondering if other nuts might also work. Does anyone have any information on brewing with other nuts? I was hoping almond might work, cause it's cheap. Anyone...
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    Mini-Batches for sampling, 64oz gatorade bottle?

    I want to make some small batches of different things that might not turn out well or I don't want 50 beers of. Is it moronic to use a 64oz gatorade bottle or other juice drink just once? Obviously don't want to bother cleaning it after, but would it be so awful to do this? I have stoppers...
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    Munich Dunkel - too complicated?

    Hello, Trying my hand at a Dunkel, to try to copy Warsteiner Dunkel. Used what I could from the brewstore. But now I'm home with the ingredients and I'm worried it's too complicated. Thoughts? 4.5lbs German Pilsner Malt 1.5lbs Sugar (Because I'm cheap) 3/4lb Munich 10L 1/2lb Belgian...
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    Is this still a Cream Ale

    So I made the following recipe this past month and it's about to be bottled. People always ask me what I'm making and sometimes it's hard to say. What would you guys call this? It's a modified version of Yooper's Dairyland Cream Ale, or I think it was Yooper I stole it from. Fermentables...
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    German Hallertau dry hop - Apple scent?

    So I dry hopped 3 days ago into a "pilsner" made with ale yeast with 1oz pellets of German Hallertau. I really liked where the beer was going before the dry hops, but a sample today had a distinct "apple" scent and even an impact on flavor. This is my first time dry hopping, so I was surprised...
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    Brew Timing Question

    So...I brewed the recipe below on March 30th and fermented ~60C. The gravity settled to 1.012 and stabilized as of April 6th. My predicament is that I am moving on May 22nd and would really like to have the beer consumed by then (5 gallons). I already have 90 other beers to drink by the same...
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    Didn't Cool fast enough - extra bitter

    So I brewed the recipe below, but it took longer than expected and I had to go to class during my wort cooling. I'd iced it, and water bath-ed for probably 30 minutes so it was down to ~120 or 130°F when I had to leave. Normally I do an open drain (in the sink) with a little water running in...
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    Warsteiner Clone w/ Ale Yeast (not lager)

    I really want to make a Warsteiner clone, but have no means for lagering. I'm just wondering what I can expect in terms of flavor if I use US-05 @ <65°F. I've heard it's the most "crisp" ale yeast, especially at low temps. Will I still get a decent beer, and how will it differ from a lagered...
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    Checking Color of Finished Brew

    Given an SRM color from Beersmith or something, is there any simple way of checking it after the beer is brewed? I'm new to brewing, but I figure I'll want to make some beers over and over again. But determining if I got the color the same brew to brew seems difficult without a measurement...
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    Partial Mash with Flaked corn and instant rice

    New to partial mashing and I want to make sure I get everything out of the flaked corn. This is what needs mashed: 1lb Flaked corn 1/2lb Instant Rice 1/2lb Caramel 10L How many pounds of American Six-row will I need to convert the rice and corn? Is 2lbs enough - I feel like HowToBrew...