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    selling it all... dfw texas

    things have come up and i have to get rid of everything. 5 gallon stainless brewpot 2*5 gallon glass carboys 2*plastic fermenting buckets racking bucket stoppers and airlocks for all 2* triple scale hydrometers wort thermometer 2 crystal thermometer sticker thingies.. auto syphon beer thief...
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    beer gods

    oh great beer gods.. i pray for your forgiveness in my stupidity for not kegging from the beginning. That is all:mug::drunk:
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    keg beer too foamy

    i just put my belgian wit in the kegerator.. it fermented for 2 weeks then sat in the keg natural carbonating for two weeks... i put it in the fridge and released the pressure and put it up to 5psi.. now all i get is foam when i pull the handle.. is that because the beer is still at room temp...
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    the last two batches that i have brewed.. both have unhopped extract kits... one was a honey wheat beer and the other a belgian wit. the honey wheat when first opened after 2 weeks in the bottle had a strong banana taste.. after leaving them another 3 weeks the taste is so faint but is still...
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    finally did it

    well i did it.. made the commitment.. i ordered 500 dollars worth of stuff to convert my mini fridge.. ordered my kegging stuff,, glass carboys so i can do two stage fermentation... and a bunch of other goodies to push me a little deeper into this obsession :rockin::drunk:
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    oster mini fridge

    just found a oster OR5005M3M new in box for 120 dollars on craigslist... im purchasing my keg system friday,, is this a steal for this fridge.. ive read it can pretty easily be made into kegerator
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    north texas

    Any of you north texas brewers know of any local home brew clubs that are active? im in the fort worth area
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    formulating an extract recipe

    i got a few brews under my belt now and ive decided to upgrade a little.. im ordering a cornelius kegging system.. and ive ordered some glass carboys to start doing 2 stage fermentation... up until now ive just done kits.. for my next batch i would like to do something thats more my...
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    online supply store

    what homebrew supply online store would yall say is the best.. as far as customer service, speed of shipping and quality of merchandise? i been looking on austin and midwest.. are there others that are better?
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    lager or ale???

    im currently looking to do my third brew.. im looking at two kits i wanna try,, they are kits from "the home brewery".. one is "german oktoberfest" and the other is called "belgian wit".. my question is nowhere on the site or catalog does it tell whether these are ales or lagers.. the reason i...
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    og and fg

    my first brew started fermenting after 5 hours,, about 18 hours later it stopped bubbling, after having seen alot of that on this site i knew not to worry. but i still wanted to take a reading just to kinda see where i was and see the progression. it is a honey wheat beer from "the...
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    the nerves are gone :rockin: . I brewed my first batch today. its a honey wheat beer (and also the best damn smell i have ever had the privelage of smelling) the nerves went away pretty quickly once i started doing it. everything went very smoothly. the only minor problem i had was once i...
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    cleaning with b-brite

    when i got the kit they gave me a thing of b-brite for cleaning.. i will be doing my first brew on saturday.. is be bright the same as oxyclean in the aspect that i can just fill my fermenter with water and put all my equipment in it and put the b-brite in it? is it ok to leave it over night...
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    OG and FG for honey wheat ale?

    i recently purchased all the things i need to brew and am planning on brewing this saturday.. the kit i bought is a honey wheat beer kit from "The home brewery" nationwide brewing supplies.... nowhere in the literature that came with it does it tell what the OG and FG should be? thanks in...
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    iodophor concentration for 1.6% iodine?

    the iodophor i got is 1.6% iodine... the bottle says 1 oz. in 10 gallons of water will give me 12.5 ppm titratable iodine.. so then .1 oz would be good for a gallon of water? what does that break down to in ml? thanks for the help fellas