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    1st time grower... what do I do with branches close to the ground?

    Hi all. I’m growing hops for the first time and I think it’s been going really well! I was curious what I should do with these branches that are coming off the plant? I read somewhere they’re where the cones will grow but I don’t know if I want them growing so close to the ground...? Do I prune...
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    Is this an infection?

    Hi, trying to figure out if this white stuff on top of my fruit (blueberry) is an infection or just pellicle? It's not all over the place just in spots. Fruit wasn't 'sanitized' but it was frozen fruit. Just wanted to see what the consensus is... Thanks
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    High attenuation numbers, trying to figure out root cause

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out my attenuation numbers and why I am getting ~85% fairly consistently which it’s screwing up my recipes a bit in Beersmith. I use liquid yeasts only, and build my starters based on the number of cells BS estimates I’ll need. I store yeasts as well and reuse...
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    Jockey box build, few questions

    Hey all, I am putting together a JB which I'll use for a number of events year over year. I already have the taps and some other misc parts, I just don't have a cooler or SS coils. I don't want to rent as I can see this being used at least 4 times a year, maybe more. Kegs will be kept outside...
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    How long can I store a full keg of beer for, untapped

    Here’s the scenario: I am getting ‘orders’ for kegs for several events this spring and summer. I’d like to brew up beer and have it ready to go in advance but it might be a month or two out from when it’s kegged to when it’s used. I have a pretty hectic schedule so when I have an available day...
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    Bringing kegs to the cottage. How to transport and serve?

    Hey all, I am bringing 2 kegs to the cottage in May. Cornies. How do you guys manage to keep beer 'servable' for a 2-3 day period without a keezer / kegerator? This is what I considered: Jockeyboxes: Seemed like a good idea but the more I read the more I realize they aren't great solutions...
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    Top crop harvesting after 24h

    Hi all. I’ve never top cropped yeast before and wanted to get some advice. I just brewed an Irish Red into which I pitched a lot of WLP001 slurry. Around 300ml I’d say. It went absolutely nuts and I saw a lot of activity in the airlock after 12 hours. It’s been 28 hours now, there’s no more...
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    Harvested yeast from a porter is quite dark. Okay to use?

    Hey all, I harvested this yeast from the slurry of a porter I just finished and it is quite dark in colour. I chalked it up to the dark beer however also read that harvested yeast should always be light in colour. I just want to verify that this yeast is okay to use in another pitch even though...
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    Keezer with Perlick 650SS and varying pressures... flow control doesn't help

    Hi all, I just built a keezer and installed Perlick 650SS's, bought them because the flow control was supposed to allow me to control the pour to minimize foam, many on the forum said they're able to get a great pour regardless of PSI with flow control. Some say they have 5 foot lines and are...
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    About to add oak and vanilla to a stout... do I secondary?

    Hey all, I have oak chips soaking in bourbon and vanilla bean that I am about to add to my stout. I'll only let it sit in there for about a week or two as I don't want to over-oak it. All my primary fermentation is done, I am almost 3 weeks in. I only have buckets for fermentation. I don't...
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    Made high gravity starter, already pitched yeast... now what?

    Hey all, first post to the forum, looking for some advice. Be forewarned I am new to liquid yeast and indeed home brewing so when you see what I did you'll understand why :) Created a starter with 1L of water and 100g DME.. 1L pre-boil. Thought this was what I should have done. Nope. After boil...