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    easy first all grain?

    I have all the equipment for all grain but i have only done 3 extract batches and the last one i did was probably 4 months ago. what would be something cheap and easy for a first all grain so that i don't lose too much money if it sucks. also what has the longest shelflife since i'm on a diet...
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    should i get it?

    the store i work at has a 5.3" cubic foot chest freezer on sale for $159.99 coming with the equivelent amount of free food coupons. the only problem i can see is that it has somewhat of a step on the side. i would like to get 2 kegs in if possible even if i have to leave co2 outside. the...
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    Looking for suggestions

    on lower calorie beers that still taste good. i'm on a diet but sometimes i just have to have a beer. guiness is pretty good but is somewhat lacking imo.
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    Storing botte conditioned bombers horizontal?

    would that be a bad idea? i can put them in so many more places in my fridge if i could lay them horizontal
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    Buy/Build Immersion Cooler?

    Well I bought a turkey fryer around thanksgiving so that i could move up to full boils and all grain. it's almost spring which means that i can do full boils outside soon. i need to get an immersion cooler to do this. i want the option of connecting to both kitchen since and the garden...
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    what size chest freezer do you use?

    soon the store i work at will be selling chest freezers for $150 with coupons for $150 free food. i believe it's about 6 cubic feet. will that be enough for 2 kegs?
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    Question about using dishwasher

    will using rinse aid hurt? i have a sani rinse option on my dishwasher but it won't start without using sani rinse. can i just use a normal run without the detergent to sanitize my bottles?
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    Probably been asked but how long is too long in primary?

    I put a beer in primary on december 16th. Haven't had time to bottle yet. I actually have a few days off next weekend. Have I waited too long? or if i bottle next weekend will it be fine?
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    Barleywine for a noob?

    Here's the deal. I'm a noob. Only done 3 batches and bottled 2. I like brewing I just don't like bottling. So I figured why not brew a beer that you won't have to bottle for six months? That and I think my mashtun that I just built is huge and don't want much deadspace in it. I want to...
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    Ball or Pin Lock? Can you mix?

    I have only done 3 batches so far and tend to procrastinate when it comes to bottling time. I want to get into kegging. Kegconnection has a 2 keg kit with everything you need to get started minus the fridge. The price difference is $20 cheaper in favor of the pin lock. Also could I add ball...
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    Am I becoming a hophead?

    I just bought bells hopslam. What I expected to be a hop bomb I find it to not be as hoppy as I would expect a beer with that title to deserve. In fact I don't find it very hoppy at all. Do you become accustomed to hops overtime and just demand more and more?
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    Lagering in Garage During Winter?

    Well it's below freezing outside and wouldn't mind trying a lager. If I put it in my garage and wrapped it in blankets would it keep it from freezing?
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    Put something heavy on top of bucket lid?

    was wondering if it was a good idea to put something heavy on top of bucket lid in case the co2 pressure is too much in the fermenter? kind of worried i don't have a blow off tube
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    What time of day do you brew?

    I like to start first thing in the morning around 7am so that i can have breakfast while water is heating and grains are steeping. and I can be done by noon with the rest of the day to relax. how bout you guys what time do you start?
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    Toss Extract in at 212 or wait for rolling boil?

    does it make a difference whether you throw in the extract as soon as you hit 212 or if you wait for a rolling boil? about 210 right now
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    Some Grain Got Through Grain Bag into kettlle

    will it effect the finished beer much?
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    Pantyhose as Hop Bag?

    Just curious if anyone has tried it and what preparations should I take before brewing if I decide to try it?
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    How long to soak in oxiclean?

    have my primary soaking in oxiclean right now. how long should i let it soak for to remove smell from last fermentation?
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    First Cider time to bottle

    allright this has been on my to do list for months. it's just been sitting in the bucket for a few months. today i just decided to try a sample. i mixed it with real apple juice and it tastes pretty good so i would hate to throw it out. I just used a unsanitized soup ladle to take the...
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    Will carbing continue if put in fridge?

    Just curious is carbing will continue if you put a bottle in the fridge or will that be the equivelent of cold crashing?