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    Extract: How bad did I mess up? Steeped my grains ~13 degrees below optimal

    When I was reading my thermometer to gauge my steeping temperatures, I had it turned to the C side, not noticing I kept it between 50-55 degrees C (122-131 degrees F) for my grains in my extract kit. I realized my mistake when I was checking to see if the wort was cool enough to pitch the yeast...
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    Hop shelf life

    So I bought some vacuum sealed hops, but am only going to use half of each. I'm going to put the rest into a plastic baggy and seal shut. How long will they stay usable? Sorry if this is a repeat post.
  3. K

    Looking to spice up an Irish Stout

    Looking to brew up an Irish Stout this weekend, but want to deviate a bit from the box recipe to add some deliciousness. I was thinking of maybe adding some seeped coffee or perhaps maple cubes (all suggestions from friends), however, I don't have much experience with "outside the recipe"...
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    Anyone use cinnamon sticks in cider? Need advice

    How much is enough? I want to add a little spice to my cider and I think cinnamon would be the best. Anyone out there have any experience in it?
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    Black Cherry Ale?

    Ola all. First post, but long time lurker. Anywho, I found this recipe for a Black Cherry Ale, and I really want to try it out. However, it says for best results brew at ale temp, and then lager for 2 months. Obviously I want this to turn out for the best. However, I've never brewed a lager...