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  1. Nomofett

    Crystal/Carahell. Unable to get the proper ingredients

    So, I'm making an old recipe but I don't have access to the ingredients I used to. (I'm overseas) It's an IPA and the grainn bill was 43.5% 2-Row 43.5% M.O. 6.5% C-35 4.3% Cara-pils we don't have c-35 or Carapils/Dexterine here so I'm thinking of using 4.2% Carahell 4.2% Munich I know...
  2. Nomofett

    Head for a hazy IPA

    My friend pointed out to me that lots of places that make hazy IPAs put very little head on their beers. Is there a reason for this? I thought head helps release aromatics, wouldn't you want a regular sized one on a beer as aromatic as a hazy IPA?
  3. Nomofett

    where to get 10L (appx 2.5g) kegs (or even 5L 1.3g)

    Does anyone know where to get 10 liter (about 2.5 gallon) kegs like this? .. The ones with the top part that is like a cone, not just a standard 2.5 gallon keg. Or even a 5L one might work, all I can find are ones that are 128 ounces...
  4. Nomofett

    Maybe strange

    So, I'm making a 1 gallon HERMS system (I know, I know, it's kind of a joke, but I want it to be fully functional as well, long story) Is there any reason why something like this wouldn't work for the mash tun...
  5. Nomofett

    Smoked Pineapple?

    So this may be strange and I don't know much about smoked malts (I only have access to raunchy malt and I've yet to use it) but I am getting some WLP644 soon, and I have a lot of Denali and from what I've read those both impart a huge pineapple flavor. Would it be crazy to make a Pale Ale with...
  6. Nomofett

    Fibanacci sequence beer

    I figure it works so much in nature, might as well try it in a beer. Tell me what I'm doing wrong (not so good at making recipes) 40% 2 row 25- MO 15- Pilsner 10- flaked wheat 5- oats 5- carapils For hops I'd use 120g in a 4 liter batch I'm not sure how each will split them up amongst the...
  7. Nomofett

    Can I reuse fuseled(?) yeast

    I made an IPL recently at ale temps. It was going great until I decide to bump it up even further at the end, now it tastes like alcohol (also it ended up being about 9%) If it was a temp thing that gave it that alcohol can I still reuse the yeast, or does that mess up the yeast for future...
  8. Nomofett

    Raising temp

    Let me start off by saying that this probably isn't what was to blame, but I'll ask just to be safe. (I had to add that cause I don't know if I'm in the right thread) I made 5 beers recently, all small batches. And during fermentation they were fine. I sampled and they were great. I decided...
  9. Nomofett

    Fermenting-tastes great. After bottled-all tastes the same

    I'm not sure exactly where to post this so sorry if this is the wrong spot. I'm in my second year brewing and 40 batches in and I keep having the same problem. This only happens with Pales and IPA's. While they are fermenting I take little tasting samples of my beers and they generally taste...
  10. Nomofett

    Yogurt pasteurized/organic?

    Hi, I want to do a kettle sour but I have one quick question. If I'm using yogurt does it have to be unpasteurized and/or organic? I live in a country where I don't know how to read labels so this may be hard. And please don't respond with something like "just use Nancy's yogurt" because I...
  11. Nomofett

    Hopping/aging Costco cider

    Hi. This is my first cider attempt and so I went real simple. Just some Imperial A20 Citrus yeast (basically WLP644) and Costco apple juice. It got down to about .99 and I dry hopped it with some Cascade and Amarillo. I'm about to bottle it so finally my question: I keep seeing that people keep...
  12. Nomofett

    Mini fridge with freezer question

    Hi, mainly for people with a temp controlled mini-fridge. I got a temp controller and I want to start using it, but I need to figure out my mini-fridges situation (one for food, one for beer, and now I need a third one... Maybe?) The mini-fridge I have has a bottom pull out freezer, when I temp...
  13. Nomofett

    Washing yeast not settling/fluffy trub

    So I've just been washing my yeast for two or three batches so I'm new to it and am not 100% sure how it works. I just did a batch with some Conan type yeast (Barbarian from Imperial) and I live overseas so it's really hard to get any liquid yeast, must less this stuff so I really want to re-use...
  14. Nomofett

    My darkness went away

    I brewed what I planned to be a red ale the other day and it turned out pretty black in the fermenter. But then 2 days later (when the fermentation really kicked in) it went from almost black in the morning to yellow like an IPA at night. All the darkness totally left. It was really strange and...
  15. Nomofett

    Harvesting for the first time

    So I'm trying to reuse my yeast for the first time and have two questions, is that very bottom layer on the right the yeast? (The one on the left has a very small amount that you can really see in the pic) How do I measure it? I've only ever used dry yeast and if that is the yeast it looks like...
  16. Nomofett

    Temps tire difference

    Hi. I do BIAB 8 liter batches. In my mash I noticed that if I put my thermometer in the grain it is quite a bit lower than if I pull my bag out and check the water temp. or pull the bag to the side. If it was just a few degrees I'd understand but it can be 10 degrees Celsius off, which reading...
  17. Nomofett

    Collaboration advice

    So me and two friends want to do a collaboration brew. Any tips on how to go about this? Do you recommend each person contributing to their strengths? Or finding a style and the just free talking what to do? Basically I have no idea how to collaborate and am just looking for any advice on what...
  18. Nomofett

    I messed up an order and need some help

    So, I live overseas where the hop selection is terrible. I finally decided to pay the big shipping amount and get some hips from the states but I screwed up and forgot to order Simcoe for a Heady clone. It's mainly going to be used for whirlpool and dry hopping and looking around it looks like...
  19. Nomofett

    Whisky Oak Chips In a coconut porter

    I know, chips are the least preferred, but I live in a country where just finding chips was hard enough. So I'm making a coconut rye Porter (OG 1.099) and I want to put oak chips in. It's light oak and already whisky flavored. I make small batches and I split my small one in half so it's only...
  20. Nomofett

    Maple Syrup sanitary?

    Hi, I have a recipe that calls for adding maple syrup at flameout. My question is; do I need to sanitize it? Or is it just ok to toss in? It says to add more at bottling if needed, would I need to sanitize that? And how would I factor that into how much priming sugar to add. Thanks!