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    Euro Sanke S-Type Keg - Tear It Down (for re-use as a keg)

    Hi All, I think I've found an 'under-served' topic: How to take a Euro (S-Type) Sanke to bits for cleaning / sanitation and put it back together. So far, I got the spear out with a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer. *** LET THE PRESSURE OUT FIRST!!!*** Hit the lugs in an anti-clockwise...
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    A Quicker Way to Vent a Sanke Keg (no manual PR valve)

    Earlier I posted here that it was a PITA to vent the Sanke keg (in order to stabilize an overcarbed beer). In particular, a Sanke coupler without manual PR Valve. If your Sanke Coupler does have a manual PR valve, as I’m told most do, then this post is two minutes you’re never getting back...
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    Overcarbed Sanke Keg

    Hi All, I bought a Sanke keg, and got free beer with it, from a brewer much better than me. The beer is good (I think it's a Pilsener SMaSH), but it's coming out all foam, and I'm having to sit it in the fridge [in the glass] for 5mins) before adding more for drinking (maybe 15 mins and two...
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    Hi All, Again, thanks for the advice on past posts, and the general awesomeness of this forum. I kegged beer a couple of weeks ago, and I think it's infected. I'm not too bothered (heresy! but wait... see extra information below). I've had a similar 'off-flavor' before after bottling...
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    Bad CO2 in China?

    Hi All, and thanks for many happy hours of productive reading and guidance. Over the weekend, bored, distracted and perhaps a little lethargic (RDWH4HB - I did, thanks), I ordered a 4L bottle of CO2 from (Chinese Ebay; I live in South China). So far, I'm unable to get...