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  1. ajinfante

    Oak chips in muslin bag with Brett in RIS

    I plan to add bourbon soaked oak chips to the primary of my RIS this week and leave for a week. Then I will rack off half to bottles and add Brett to the remaining beer for several weeks more of primary. Question - will the Brett be able to get through the muslin to make a home on the oak...
  2. ajinfante

    Yakima Valley GR Relax

    Has anyone used these hops before? The alpha % is listed at only .3% Was thinking doing a small batch single hop and see how it tastes - maybe use it for a standard dosage at 60,30,15, whirlpool, and dryhop. Might make an interesting brew...
  3. ajinfante

    How do i determine how much alcohol is boiled off during boil?

    MY question would be what will it taste like after the yeast gets boiled? Seems like you have bread soup now.
  4. ajinfante

    Why Not to Pitch On Your Yeast Cake

    So if taking out a few pints of the yeast cake for later use, do you swirl it up in the fermenter first? I almost always dry hop so there's lots of leftovers in the cake, so repitching on top (if doing a similar style) is fine with me. Just wondering if the swirling is necessary or will the...