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    Any issue with putting herms coil in hlt

    Hi everyone Are there any issues with putting a herms coil in a pot ( as opposed to cutting holes in the sides) and running tubing out the top? Thanks
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    Will a 3/8 silicone hose fit on a 1/2 qd barb?

    Just wondering because if I don’t have to purchase two sets of hoses that’d be great. Thanks for the input.
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    Making a Russian Imperial Stout - how much yeast starter?

    Ok, I'm thoroughly confused. I got beersmith because I thought it was supposed to make it easier to calculate :oops:? With on OG of 1.094, and one pack of US05, beersmith is saying i need 6.56L of slurry? Seems a bit much to me. So how many dry packs of US-05 would I need if I were only...
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    Aging mead (or stout) in a corny keg

    Hi everyone. I have a question about aging mead (or stout) in a corny keg. I appreciate you responses. 1. Do I need to have an airlock installed for long term aging? It will be transferred to the corny keg after a primary in a plastic bucket. 2. Do I purge the headspace (doing 5 gal...
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    Make multiple yeast batches from starter?

    Can you take one pack of yeast and make a starter then just split that into 4 yeast batches. Do you have to brew your first beer and then wash it making your 4 yeast jars? Thanks everyone.
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    Can I add cacao nibs to primary after majority has fermented

    Hi everyone, I’m brewing chocolate porter which has been in primary for 4 days and looks like ferment has pretty much ended. would I be able to just dump the cacao nibs to the primary after the majority of fermentation has taken place And let them sink to bottom? Anything wrong with going...
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    Accidentally put whole tablet whirlfloc

    Title says it all is my beer ok?
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    Fermenting too hot temp control broke

    What’s up everyone, first batch in over 6 years, I used to do extract brewing then stopped. Now I’m resuming six years later with an all grain brew (biab). I go to hook up my temp control to my fermenter fridge and darn thing is shot. I hooked up a timer to try and control but was fermenting...
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    Slight sour/rancid flavor in cider

    Hi all, this is my second batch of cider I have ever made with the same juice. It is Publix brand - pasturized & filtered. Ingredients are apple juice (not from concentrate), malic acid. That's it. I have used nottingham yeast to ferment and both times it got to about 1000, or just a tad...
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    Who keeps a secret cash stash?

    Hi everyone, I am just curious. My wife has previously mentioned that she has a cash stash hidden somewhere. Now this was a while ago (3 years ago or so), but I have an inkling she still has a cash stash, so I now have one also. Only difference is that I know mine is for the benefit of both...
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    Hole too big? - Coleman 70qt extreme cooler mash tun

    Hi everyone, I purchased a coleman extreme 70qt cooler - here. The problem I think I have is that the drain hole is too big - it measures 1" diameter. The weldless cooler bulkhead from bargainfittings states that it is for a max size hole of 7/8". Has anyone used that specific cooler...
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    campden and chlorine...again, but with a specific question

    Hello All, I have searched, and I think I found the answer, but I'd like to ask and get a more direct answer to my question. I know campden eliminates the chloramines & chlorine in the water, but can I add it to the strike water while it's boiling, or on its way up to boiling? Thanks,
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    Light beer on apple cider yeast cake?

    Hi all, I already know the answer to this question, but I'd like to hear some input from the masses. I have an apple cider that's ready to keg and I'd like to reuse the cake and throw a light blonde ale on it. Any thoughts, besides you shouldn't reuse the cake, it's terrible practice, etc.? I...
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    Primary for 8 months - do I need to add yeast at bottling?

    Hi all, I have a batch that's been in the primary ale pail for 8 months. I'm going to try it and see if it's good, but should I add more yeast at time of bottling?, or will there be sufficient live yeast to complete the carbonation? It has been in a glass carboy with an airlock sitting at...
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    Skunking while transferring to secondary

    Hey All, I was wondering. I have read that skunking happens really fast. If I am in the shade and I want to transfer to the secondary, is that a bad idea? Will the beer get skunked in the indirect light outside in the 15 or so minutes it takes to transfer?. How about indoors? How do you...
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    Timer to control temps in a fridge?

    Hey, anyone have experience using a common vacation timer one that has multiple settings, to turn on the fridge at certain intervals to control the temperature of a fridge to around 70degrees? I had this idea because a stinking temp controller costs at least 50 bucks. Thoughts? Eric An...