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    Sans Le Chat from "Wild Brews"

    Bottling this batch this weekend (1 year +2 weeks). Sample smells and tastes GREAT. Overall impressions of brewing this a few times (once sticking to recipe exactly and once tweaking the bugs used to ferment): stick to the recipe first. The all brett really turned out amazingly well. The...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Just finished the first batch using my newly acquired Monster Mill 2! Purchased the mill because the mill at my LHBS is no longer adjustable and they have it set at 60% efficiency. Sans Le Chat from Wild Brews (pitched WLP644 and WLP653). Efficiency was 80%
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    Sans Le Chat from "Wild Brews"

    Just thought I would mention that I just brewed this again today and this time I stuck to the recipe suggestion about yest strains. I pitched WLP653 and WLP 644. Will report back once it is done!
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    Sans Le Chat from "Wild Brews"

    Hi Tvalone- Answers below I would consider this book intermediate to advanced level brewing. Might be a good idea to start with John Palmer's How to Brew You asked: - I assume that I would be using this receipe for 5 gallons, please correct me if wrong Correct, batch size is 5 Gallons 5...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    IPA today using my first year hop harvest (Nugget and Cascade)!
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    First Year Nugget Hops - No Cones!!

    I planted Cascade, Nugget and Willamette this year (1st time growing hops). The Nugget Grew tall very quickly, and the cones did not start to form until it was almost time to harvest the first cones from the Cascade. I just picked the first cones off the Nugget Bine, and will likely end up...
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    question form 1st year grower

    Hey- I'm seeing some things on my hops that are causing some concern. 3 shots are different leaf problems. 1st one I think is normal... bottom of vine yellowing when cone production starts. photo #2 is a strange looking shriveling/curling #3 is a yellow spotting that is starting to...
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    Leaving head-space in kegs.

    No facts in this post, just opinions... There is usually a little head space in my kegs when they are filled, but I don't think it matters as long as the head space is Co2, not O2. Once beer is in the keg, I hook it up to the Gas, bleed the keg once the gas stops flowing (to get rid of o2 in...
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    Critique of Saison recipe

    I think this looks fairly good. I prefer Pils malt instead of regular 2 row for Saisons. I think it gives a more interesting malt flavor in the beer. 11.5% seems like a lot of munich to me, but this is a rustic "throw in whatever you want to" type of style. What yeast are you planning on using?
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    Consistsntly High OG

    If your hydrometer is calibrated for 60 degrees and the wort is 75 degrees, the gravity needs to be adjusted up. I.E. the 75 degree beer that reads 1.060 on the hydrometer is actually 1.062 Certainly a good idea to check the calibration! 60 degree water should be 1.000 if that is the temp your...
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    Consistsntly High OG

    What is your post-boil volume? The kits are probably calibrated for 1.062 gravity at 5 Gallons. If you boil it down so there is only 4.5 gallons, the sugars would be more concentrated and would bump up the OG to 1.069. That would be my guess. In terms of what it will do to your final product...
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    My wife told me to get a hobby, so I....

    Nice work! Looks really great.
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    Stout is good, but to hoppy

    My understanding is that it is not the yeast processing hop oils that causes hops to fade with age. The oils/aroma/flavor of hops just get weaker as they get older. If you warm it back up and let it age it should become less hoppy eventually.
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    Best apps/programs for smart phones/computers

    I've been very happy with Beersmith, and I think it is one of the more popular programs here.
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    6-yr old malt - mash test!

    I'll be interested in seeing how this turns out, and in the very least it will be good to refer people to this to answer the "is my grain still good" threads
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    Grand Rapids (Ada) beer/homebrew club suggestions

    Founders is a must try. Very good beer and they have some things that they do not serve outside the brewery. Brewery Vivant is also good. It offers belgian inspired beers and a restaurant. If you have access to a car These berweries are all driving distance: Bell's , New Holland, Dark Horse...
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    Need a beer drinkable in 3 weeks

    Think session beers! Orfy's Mild is a great option.
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    Smell that occurred at end of fermentation for 2nd time

    hi Mrjones. beer gives off some funny smells during the course of fermentation, and generally it will taste drastically different after lagering and carbonation. That being said, if it does not go away and you give us some more details it becomes more likely that we can pinpoint any issues...
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    Safale US-05 Attenuation

    When I was brewing extract+specialty grain I found my attenuation lower than it is now. I think having that much LME + 1# of crystal malt makes this a REALLY tough batch to attenuate any lower than that.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Using up the rest of a bag of Belgian Pils. Today, the Abbey Single from Randy Mosher. Next week, a Belgian Strong Pale using the yeast cake from the single.