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    I have 2 pounds of Simcoe, any suggestions for brews? I've never used this hop before.
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    Temps all over the place?

    So I have a new mash tun, a 42 quart polarware with false bottom. Now my mash temps are all over the place. I mash in and am alright, within 10 minutes my temp has dropped 10 degrees, if I stir again crazy things happen. I think it may be due to too much headspace, any thought/ideas? I'm...
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    If your SWMBO ever asks you to...

    remove linoleum say no, it will result in chemical burns on your arm and a generally bad disposition.
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    What can I make?

    I want to brew tomorrow, but didn't buy any ingredients, just left overs and random thing, no speciality grains. It just hit me tonight and now I think I'm doing it first thing in the AM. I do have 7.5 pounds 2row, 5 pounds DME, 1 lb light candi sugar, 3 pounds of flaked corn and 1 lb of...
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    hole in my chiller

    Was getting ready to brew today and saw I have a pinhole in my immersion chiller. Any ideas on a quick fix that would hold up for the day? I guess I could cut and soder it with a collar before I start, any other ideas?
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    Yet another Keezer project

    Quick question. I'm building a keezer and am getting ready to drill into the collar for the shanks. What size bit should I use? Thanks for any help.
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    What is your favorite upgrade?

    Not the one that improved your beer the most but the one that you like the most. For me it is my brew pot, didn't really help me brew better beer I just like the looks of it.
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    perlick versus cheapo's

    I am looking to finish my keezer and was planning on buying cheap taps for now at $10 each. Is it really worth the extra for perlicks? Do the cheapo's work fine? Here are the ones I was going to pick up today. Thanks for the help.
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    my new brew pots

    Just got these in the mail. Two 42 quart polarware brew pots, one with site gauge, one false bottom and two SS ball valves. Was wanting keggles but at $270 shipped for the lot I couldn't pass it up. Oh yeah, everything was brand new...
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    New car suggestions?

    My car died today. Had a 93 camry, the radiator has a 4 inch gash in it and it only made it to 192000 miles. Looking to up grade to something with heat and FM radio, any suggestions?
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    I ended up getting a free CO2 tank so now I have two. I am wanting to get a second regulator on the cheap, does this look like it would work, I can get it for 24 bucks today.
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    keg transport

    Hi all new to this and am looking to take a keg from my keezer to a golf outing with friends about 600 miles away. I have a little picnic CO2 dispenser to add on and am looking to take it with me. Can I just remove it from the CO2 tank and it will be good to go? Or do I need to keep it under...