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    Here's my gravity plate chiller setup

    I've got my boil kettle hooked up to my Shirron plate chiller. Just a testament to the fact that gravity chilling works no problem!
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    Crystal 60 Percentage of the Grist

    The mash temp is 148 (I like my IPAs and APAs very dry and crisp, hence this thread) and the yeast is WLP001 in a one liter starter on a stir plate. I may end up either using Crystal 20 or 40, or just using a simple sugar in the boil.
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    Crystal 60 Percentage of the Grist

    Awesome, thanks for the responses! MindenMan, I've been finding that its too malty. Not so much caramelly, since I have a hard time tracking down that particular flavor in beer, but it's more just a super sweetness that draws the hop flavors waaay lower than their potential. So I may just sub...
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    Crystal 60 Percentage of the Grist

    Hey, everyone. I'm tweaking my "tried and true" IPA recipe. I figured out why I wasn't completely happy with my IPAs: too much crystal malt! Here's my recipe I like to use, I'm really only wanting to change the amount of Crystal 60. 5.5 gallon batch 12 lbs. 2-Row 2 lbs. White Wheat Malt 1 lb...
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    Guava induced wild fermentation

    Thanks, guys! Adding dregs sounds like a great idea... I think the vinous qualities cone from the other fruit that I added. The guava was not at all the main source of flavor, just the main source of funk. Prost!
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    Guava induced wild fermentation

    Update! For those still interested. I know it's been awhile, seeing as it's now September. To answer the question, I just cut them in quarters and dropped them in the fermenter. Now I bottled this early March, and it's been conditioning in the bottle since then. Popped them in the fridge a...
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    Could I bottle in this?

    Ah, that's okay. Thanks for the input. It's very thick, and actually is Nalgene brand. It'll serve well as a water bottle. :)
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    Could I bottle in this?

    I was wondering if I could safely bottle in this. I got it from a friend who is a local brewer. It's a two liter bottle that holds yeast, pitchable for 5-7 bbls. If it holds yeast under pressure, would there be any reason it couldn't hold carbonating beer?
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    What's your profession?

    I put beer on the shelves at grocery stores. Miller Coors baby!
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    Strong Bitter Common Room ESB

    Brewed this beer, came out fantastically!! I added 12 oz. of Biscuit Malt...yum. Drinking this right now! So malty, a nice break from hop bombs. Thanks for the recipe! I took this beer to a local brewery, the head brewer said he would drink this over any commercial ESB. Woot! Good recipe!
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    I don't like Belgians, Sours, or Hefs. Am I alone?

    I am the same exact way! I love IPAs, pale ales, stouts, porters, etc...English and American. But anything fermented with a Belgian yeast leaves a taste in my mouth that tastes like plastic was boiled in a vat of acetone. For some reason, I can't get over it. I've tried plenty of Belgians, and I...
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    Guava induced wild fermentation

    It has been sitting for about 5 months with the wild yeast, and I've checked a couple times. I think it's done, but I'll wait a little while longer. Thanks!!
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    Guava induced wild fermentation

    For anyone wondering, here's an update. Today I took a hydrometer reading and it has finished out at about 1.005. Pretty dry! But a nice, fruity aroma is what dominates this sample. So much strawberry, I love it! Going to bottle soon.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    2 gallons of American Barleywine. 3019
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    Slurry to Starter

    Hello, I've looked and looked and searched on Google for answers on this, but can't find anything. So, I've got two yeasts, Wyeast 1098, and WLP001. Both harvested from the batches that I used them for. They were both made using starters, if that makes any difference in this. What I'm wondering...
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    I cold crashed my most recent IPA, and like you, froze my beer. I started to freak out a little bit, but I kept calm, thawed, primed, bottled, and now I've got a deliciously piney IPA. Huzzah! RDWHAHB!
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    Possible infection in beer - Can't find anything like it!

    Definitely looks uninfected. To add, if you're lagering, I'm assuming your beer has fully fermented, meaning you have beer, a magical environment where mold simply cannot live. Cheers!
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    Recommendations or Ideas for Hop Schedule

    @skunkfunk Ahh, yes so true. Don't know why I didn't realize that... Thanks so much for the input!! @broadbill Good idea! I think that'll give a better profile of each hop. And I find that the wheat gives some crazy good head and retention. Also helps add a little creaminess that gets...
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    Recommendations or Ideas for Hop Schedule

    I'm going to be brewing up an American Pale Ale, and wanted to know something regarding boil times. I'm going to be trying out a method of all late additions, starting at 20 minutes. Basic layout is 20, 10, 5, 0. Here's the recipe, using my base grain bill that I use for all of my APAs and...
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    What Beer Turned You on to Craft Beer?

    Firestone Walker's Wookey Jack. Still my favorite beer. Luckily the grocery store that's less than five minutes away has them for $2.50 a pop.