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    Lager Fridge Question

    I have been reading about temperature controllers but have not found an answer to this question..... Preface: i have good fridge in my basement and it has a freezer on top that we use and need. I understand that most fridges when hooked up to a temp controller will make the Freezer thaw. Not...
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    First Cider for me.

    I drove by a country place thgat sells cider. (Bennetts near Hamilton) I actually used to go to this place when my grandfather used to sell his left over apples for press. (over 30 years ago) So I thought it would be a good time to try a cider "brew". 19L of no-preservative, pasturized...
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    Gatorland - Florida - feeding time !

    I am the fat guy standing beside the park employee. I would recommend this place to anyone....the prices are good, lots to see, and the shows are good. cheers.
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    Ok, OG: 1.050 -expected FG of 1.012 using same ingredients/yeast/temps as last batch. Primary: 2 weeks @ 50F. I don't really lager - just primary and secondary @ about 50 and 45 F for a total of 4-5 weeks. Heres the scenario: I racked into secondary after giving a diacetyl rest for...
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    Orlando Area

    Hey, I will be in Orlando with inlaws in the first week of September. Can anyone recommend a LBHS or brew place to check out whilst down south. Cheers.
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    12 Gallon Batch:78% Efficiency !!

    After 4 AGs, I was able to hit a good efficiency this weekend. I was used to doing large, 15G batches when extract brewing so I tried 10 and 12 gallon batches when going AG. I was never able to hit my volume targets....10 G batches were 8 G...12's came out to 10.5 Gs, etc. I never even...
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    Spalt Hops

    Hello, I have some Spalt hops - and will use them in an upcoming lager. I have read some descriptions on the ingredients/hops page here. Does anyone have any more first hand info/experience on these hops in terms of flavour/characteristics? Cheers.
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    Corn Meal: DON'T

    Hey, I made a Corona clone last night (...I know....). Instead of flaked maize, I thought that corn meal may be a suitable substitution to add that little bit of flavour even though I wasn't expecting many gravity points from 500g. I boiled it for about 60 mns...and added it to the mash. It...
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    This is why I love teh CFL

    A 129 run for a touch down...from a missed field goal ! Cheers.
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    New Online Store

    Hello, After searching all over Canada for various supplies and ingredients...and saw there was little choice, especially for southern Ontario....I had a crazy thought: Why not try to make a small online store ? Here are some ideas: -buy grains and hops in bulk and sell at a modest...
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    American Lager Canadian Pils

    Note: This is a 12 G batch. 7 kg of Harrington 2-row 4 kg of Weyermann Pilsner malt 1 kg of Carafoam ------------------ total: 12 kg grain Hops: 60 min. of Hallertauer Tradition 8.0 AA -1 oz pellet 30 min. of Hersbrucker 3.3 AA - 2.0 oz pellet Dryhopped with 2 oz. of Hersbrucker in...
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    DIY: 15 Minute Grain Mill

    Hello, I have been searching for all kinds of options for making or buying a grain mill. I make 10 G batches, so a corona mill didn't seem like a good option if I could not adjust the crush. And $180 seemed to much for a barley crusher type mill (not to mention customs and shipping). I made...
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    Crazy Idea: grain crusher

    I am pretty cheap, and a little creative (sometimes). I can get a corona style grain mill for $30....but I brew 10G batches: so thats about 25 lbs of grain. I dont feel like cranking or hooking up a drill to a dinky set up for fear of it breaking. is the crazy idea. What if I used...
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    I had to try the apple-wine

    So I made a batch in about 1/2 hour today. Here is what I used: Total volume: 5.5 G 3 cans of no-name frozen concentrate pure apple juice 4 2L bottles of pure apple juice 2 2L bottles of pure apple/blueberry juice 1 2L bottle of blueberry juice. Topped up to 5.5G level with about 1G...
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    Really Stupid "wine" Questions

    Hello, I am an experienced homebrewer and am looking to try something of a science experiement. Whilst reading the Apfelwein thread for a long while, I decided that I may try something in a simialr stlye. The wife likes zinfanzel, but I am a DIY guy, and don't want to buy any number of...
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    Wow -the wife agreed to this ! :ban: We really needed one as my old one was falling apart. It...
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    3RD AG - Problems/Tips

    Hey, I did my thrid AG on the weekend and thought I would share some things with the forum. Well, with weather around the freezing mark - I had problems with getting some of my temps right. I compensated by adding more water into the mash tun. Also, the amount of steam was...
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    Yeast Revival?

    Ok, so I have a WYeast XL North American lager in my fridge. I will be brewing next weekend. Will it expand? Oh ya, it has a best before date of April 2006. And it was delivered in a heat wave last summer.
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    Use it or lose it (yeast)

    Ok, I know there has been a ton of posts on yeast washing. I have been through a bunch..but could not figure out the problem below. I have some WY2272 Pilsen taken from my primary that has been in my fridge for about 6 months. It is full of hop leaves. Its smells like yeast - but am worried...
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    Pilsner malt vs. 2-Row

    Hey, I have made 2 AGs (pilsners) so far using 2-row as the majority of the mash. All things being equal (ie -do not need 2-row for helping with mashing rice/corn and similar SRM / points) -is there a big difference between the 2-row and pilsner grain besides the price? Would I get a vastly...