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  1. J

    Bummer, first under attenuated beer.

    I checked the FG on my jubelale clone today, after 3 weeks in the primary, and it was still at 1.020, which gives me about 65% attentuation. This was wyeast 1098, which I haven't used before, but is supposed to go to 73-75% according to wyeast. I had a pretty good starter, and the fermentation...
  2. J

    Bad poppet valve?

    I'm new to keg maintenance, and have what might be a stupid question. If my poppet keeps doing this: Then I need to replace the poppet, right?
  3. J

    Aging an IIPA and dry hopping?

    So let's say you've got an IIPA and you want to dry hop it. As a higher gravity beer, it's gonna need to age a little bit longer than a normal IPA, probably. So do you dry hop first knowing that you're going to lose some of that hop aroma over the time you age it? Or do you age it for a...
  4. J

    How do you decide how long a beer will need to condition?

    So I'm going to be making a Jubelale clone this year, and in my mind I have this thought that it's going to take 2 to 3 months to be read to drink. I've seen that sentiment in some of the Jubelale recipe threads. My question is... why? It's not a particularly big beer, I'm shooting for an OG...
  5. J

    Question about line length for use with picnic tap.

    I'm going to setup a keg with CO2 and a picnic tap for a BBQ and I've never used a picnic tap before (other than with an air pump style tap). How long do I want my beer line for this setup to minimize any foaming problems? I'm assuming I will set the PSI just high enough to push the beer out...
  6. J

    Major Noob Question: Does all the wort have to be boiled?

    So, I was just reading around various threads and noticed some of the threads on kitchen brewing, using a heatstick to augment a stove, etc. I'm still fairly new to this, but I had a thought. For people that are having trouble boiling a full AG batch on a stove, why does all the wort need to...
  7. J

    What's the benefit of a thick walled SS kettle vs. thin?

    Thin ones are definitely cheaper, and I'd assume they'll transfer heat quicker. So what's the advantage to a thick walled pot? People seem to use the durability argument, but it's a just a pot. What's going to happen to it? Any concrete information on why a thick walled pot is better? Or...
  8. J

    Definition of batch size?

    Is "batch size" the volume that you plan to end up with in the primary? I've been reading some recipes online, found Jamil's Red Rocket clone and it's a 6 gallon batch size. I always aim for 5.5 into the primary to allow for 5 when it's kegged. I know it's a total noob question, but I just...
  9. J

    New to all-grain, please help educate me on some of the results I'm getting.

    So I've made 2 all-grain batches now, and I'm still understanding a lot of the nuances of the process and recipe creation. What I'm looking at now, is 2 beers that turned out noticeably different, and would like some help understanding what differences most likely contributed the most, so I can...
  10. J

    Weldless ball valve in thin wall stainless pot?

    I have a thin walled cheap stainless pot that I'm using as my HLT, and was thinking about putting a ball valve so I can get away from the pouring gallons of scalding hot water by hand. I've seen references to thin walled pots not being good for installing ball valves, but haven't seen...
  11. J

    Where to buy CO2 cartridges locally?

    Besides a LHBS, at what kinds of stores can you find the co2 cartridges for a keg charger? Would someone like Fred Meyer have them? (kinda like a walmart for those who aren't in the PNW).
  12. J

    Explain something to me about March pumps please.

    So right now, I don't do any pumping of anything, and i've been doing some reading to learn what's what. One thing that confuses me is that the march pumps can't be run dry. So when you start pumping, i get that, you gravity prime it. However, what about when you're done pumping? I'm...
  13. J

    1st AG, I made an IPA... so far so good.

    First, thanks to everyone on here. I've learned a bunch from all the reading I've done, and probably wouldn't have tried the move to AG without this site. Made my mash tun, following the bulkhead design here and it worked...
  14. J

    How long does a corny have to hold pressure to be "good"?

    I'm fairly new to kegging, and have a question. I bought a couple corny's recently and they were *supposed* to be shipped under pressure, so you'd know they were good when they arrived. One had no pressure in it, the other made a tiny pfft when i pulled the relief valve. I called, and they...
  15. J

    How to remove kegerator shank from tower?

    So, I'm trying to remove the shanks from my draft tower so I can replace the beer lines with longer lines, and I have no clue how to get the shanks off. I don't seem to have a wrench that I can use to get around the brass nut, since there are 2 taps right next to each other. Any suggestions on...
  16. J

    Foam problems on 1 of 2 taps?

    I'm curious if anyone has a suggestion for this one. I have a 2 tap kegerator. My beer lines are only 5', so I know I should go longer probably, but in the meantime, I'm a little confused by something. I have 2 beers on tap right now, both commercially filled corny's from the same brewery...
  17. J

    OK to let commercially filled corny keg warm up?

    If I'm out of town, say on a weekend road trip, is it ok to get a corny keg filled, and then let it warm up for 24 hours before I can get it home to get it in the kegerator? I can't think of a way to keep it cold in the trunk for 24 hours until I get it home.
  18. J

    Question about water analysis from Kroger

    I asked for details on the Drinking and Spring water products that they sell at our local Fred Meyer grocery store (a Kroger chain). Our water in Seattle is actually good, I was just interested in seeing how this water was because for a buck or two sometimes it's easier to buy some to...
  19. J

    Cooler loses 10 degrees in an hour. Good enough?

    I have a coleman 28 qt. cooler that I wanted to turn into a MLT. I just tested it out to see how well it holds temp and it lost 10 degrees (150 -> 140) in an hour. Is this good enough or do I need a better insulated cooler? I'm just learning and getting into AG brewing, so I don't have any...