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  1. mrsoltys

    Beer Line Length for Kegerator

    The correct answer is: it depends on your CO2 pressure, which depends on the type of beer you're serving and the temperature you're serving at. I've made a calculator on my website to help you figure it all out.
  2. mrsoltys

    Keg line lengths? There are diff opinions.

    Hey Juan, Thanks for spreading the word on my spreadsheet on these forums! Just an FYI, I also have a blogpost that explains all the equations I used, and has a really handy javascript calculator at Thanks for linking to my spreadsheet! Just an FYI: I have a webpage that explains all the...
  3. mrsoltys

    Keezer in basement, faucets in kitchen

    Thanks for linking to my spreadsheet! Just an FYI: I have a webpage that explains all the equations and has a quick little JavaScript Calculator at:
  4. mrsoltys

    Nitro Stout Kegging, Beer Line Lengths?

    I made this spreadsheet to calculate line length based off of some real engineering formulas. It gives pretty accurate results when estimating line length.
  5. mrsoltys

    My beer line lengths, check please.

    I wrote this post with a calculator to calculate line length based on some real engineering formulas. I've gotten a lot of really positive feedback, saying that it gives much better results than the empirical formulas. I think for most kegerator systems it outputs 10-12 ft of tubing...
  6. mrsoltys

    Kegging Calculations

    Thanks! I love challenges. I think this is possible. The problem is when "excessive foaming" occurs depends a lot on the brew in question, and so some educated guess on velocity (flow rate) is needed.
  7. mrsoltys

    Kegging Calculations

    After a bit of reading, i see that we were wrong here. Carbonating pressure tables assume sea-level. You'll need to add approx. 1 psi per 2000 ft above sea-level for proper carbonation. Don't forget to lengthen your hose. So: at 5500' for a reading of 11.2 psi, set your CO2 pressure to...
  8. mrsoltys

    Kegging Calculations

    Hi, I'm the creator of the second spreadsheet mentioned. While i've never kegged a home brew, I do know a lot about fluids and love beer, so I wanted to contribute a bit to the discussion. First: about Serving Pressure vs Carbonating Pressure. I think you'll want to keep your pressure at...