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    Life gets in the way

    I can't believe it has been 5 years since I posted on here. Life got in the way. I moved my mother in with me to take care of her during the mid stages of dementia, and then on into a care facility. An uncle ask me to assist him with his cancer treatment, be his POA and administrator of his...
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    CO2 in Root Beer

    While searching the net for root beer ideas I came across a recipe that used food grade CO2 to carbonate root beer. While the root beer was to be served freshly made, I was wondering if anyone had ever tried it and what your thoughts are on bottling it?
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    Do I need to stabilize again?

    Elsewhere on here I have posted my progress with my Chocolate Mead. At one year I took it off of the lees and I put in ¾ tsp of Potassium Sorbate as a stabilizer to the 2 1/2 gal of mead. It is now another year and I am thinking of bottling. Some of it I will back sweeten with some of the...
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    What are your opinions...

    Just down the road from my house is a peach tree that died 2 years ago. The summer before it had a bumper crop of peaches. The tree is about 12 inches at the base. I am thinking of offering to cut it down for the wood. What are your opinions on peach wood to smoke cure a ham or bacon?
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    Real Old Honey

    I found several quarts possible up to a gallon. of honey in a box in the corner of a storage trailer of mine. This honey is very dark which in this are would make it either Catawba or possible blackberry. It was probably harvested in the mid 1980's to 1990. It is still liquid even though it...
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    Tomato Wine Status

    Here is my tomato wine 5 days after pitching yeast, and racked of gross lees. I assumed it would have more color to it.
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    I need some thoughts or idea's on what this is

    Last year I made 2 1/2 gal of Muscadine Wine. I racked it several times after it finished fermentation. It has been sitting since November in glass 1 gal jugs and a 1/2 gal jug. I took a taste from jug 1 and it was fine. Jug 2 has this floating on top, has a stronger alcohol feel, and...
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    Good wine from Foch Grape's

    Last year I helped a friend start his wine making career. Just a little background. I had bought about 50 lb of Foch Grapes for myself and 2 other friends. I stopped in to see this friend, who had lost his wife earlier in the year, and he seemed to need some distraction, so when he seemed...
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    I could use some help with a % alcohol question

    I started a tart cherry wine a while back. I put enough sugar in it to bring the sg to 1.095. The batch is 3 1/2 gallon. I would stir it twice a day. When the SG hit 1.03 I was stiring it and I licked the spoon when I was done. The wine was very good. I wanted to stop the ferment but...
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    Wanted,,, Mead Instructor

    I was talking with and Extension Service agent to day about possible day classes that there might be interest in. Is there anyone in the southern WV or Southwest Virginia area that would be interested in doing a mead making seminar?
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    Question on Bumping Up

    I made several batches of Cider last year without increasing the sugar content. This year I am going to try bumping up the alcohol. Which method (In you opinion) has the best success? Adding sugar later in the fermentation or adding all of the sugar to the must at the beginning of the...
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    I am looking for some ideas on a new mead

    I have about 2 quarts of honey water. This is water from flushing out the was cappings for my Lin/Basswood Honey. The sg of the water is pretty high so I can dilute it some. I might be able to get about 3 quarts and still have a good sg to start. I also have about 2 quarts of frozen...
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    I don't want to be a pest

    But I could use some input on the settleing out of the chocolate in my mead. Below is my post from earlier. "I started the mead on 10/13/11. Friday I looked at it and I noticed that a large part of the chocolate has settled to the bottom if the carboy. Should I gently swirl the liquid...
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    Now a question for my Chocolate Mead

    I started the mead on 10/13/1. Friday I looked at it and I noticed that a large part of the chocolate has settled to the bottom if the carboy. Should I gently swirl the liquid to mix it back in or just leave it as is?
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    Tell me what happened here

    Back in July a friend gave me a bottle of Blackberry wine he had just made. The color was a pretty red and it was clear. I put it in the basement to age a little. Yesterday I was moving things around and I noticed that this ine was a very dark almost purple and had a little sediment in it...
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    This stuff had better be worth it

    Last week I started my version of 1 gallon Lord Rhys Chocolate Mead. After I mixed up the must I realized I had adjusted everything except for the Cocoa Powder from the recipe. I hadn't pitched the yeast yet so I just bottled everything in a gallon jar and put it in a cool spot to plan how to...
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    I plan on starting my version of Lord Rhys Chocolate Mead

    I plan on starting my version of Lord Rhys Chocolate Mead this evening. Here is what I plan on doing; 3 Qts of Water 1 Quart of Lin Honey 1 Vanilla Bean split 1 tsp Fermax Yeast Nutrient 16 oz of Cocoa Powder This will be a 7.1 oz of Organic Cocoa Powder with the balance made up with...
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    Suggestion on sourness correction

    9/9 I started a batch of concord wine from grapes. I took 17 pounds of grapes, Crushed them and added 1.5 gal water, 7 cups of sugar, 2.25 tsp yeast nutrient, and 3 campden tablets. The next day I checked the SG at 1.06 I added 1/4 tsp liquid pectic enzine. I took the strainer bag from a...
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    Would you throw this out or keep going?

    Thursday last week I bought some Foch Grapes from a local grower. I pulled about 10 lbs off of the stem and put in a bucket and washed them. The weather was cool and I set them outside with a lid. Because of work I wasn't able to do anything as I planned. Last night I washed the grapes...