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  1. jay_mack1

    Quick Starter Question

    This is my starter. I worked it up on Sunday. 16 ounces of water and 1/2 cup of DME, boiled for 10 minutes and then cooled, pitched the yeast into the starter, shaked and stirred. In note, this yeast is about a year old. I've never done a starter, so I wanted some opinion on my photo...
  2. jay_mack1

    Thought I would share this...

    Some pretty neat ideas...
  3. jay_mack1

    What is this keg/cask/

    I got this keg/cask today... free... Is it usable?
  4. jay_mack1

    Chinook Rhizomes

    I am looking for a couple Chinook Rhizomes. The ones I bought never did throw shoots. I'm in Nebraska. Thanks.... Jay
  5. jay_mack1

    Our Vineyard

    I thought I would post pictures of our vineyard. I got the posts and wires up this week. It has been great weather to do the work. I got a little color yesterday. We pruned them up last night. Hoping to get most of them to the wire this year. We have five openings to fill, ones that...
  6. jay_mack1

    New Primary Fermenters

    Hello everyone, Today our new fermenters came in today. I bought some 7.8 gallon ones a year or so ago and they are just not working on some of our fruit wines we are making. Just not enough space for everything. So I found 10 gallon Brute Rubbermaid trash cans on eBay. Got them all...
  7. jay_mack1

    My steal...

    I'll post pictures later tonight... but here is my steal of a purchase... 5 gallon Ball Lock Keg CO2 Tank and regulator Single circuit Jockey Box with Two Taps Valves and Handle. All for $175.00 I am so ready to make more beer.
  8. jay_mack1

    Used Wine Filter Equipment

    I know this may seem like a stretch, but I am looking for a mini-jet Buno Vino Filtering system. Was wondering if someone might have upgraded or gotten out of wine that was looking to dust it off and sell it. Sincerely, Jay