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    Lowenbrau fans?

    Where are all of the Lowenbrau fans up in this forum?!!?! :confused: I've done searches for Lowenbrau, but no results. I did a search on google for clone recipes. What I found was this: "Munich Hellas Pale (Lowenbrau Clone) 7lbs. Light Bock Malt 1/2 lb. Carapils 1/4 lb. Wheat Grain...
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    Best water out there to use

    I went fishing for a thread about this. Can't seem to find one. Just wanted to get all of your opinion on this. I've used Poland Spring gallon jugs for all 14 of mine. It seems to go over well. What are some of you guys using?
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    Oatmeal Stout, Windsor yeast, no bubbles

    Hey all - So I've done 13 beers prior to this last. Saturday night, I re-ran my #5 *Oatmeal Stout*. Here's the ticket - Brewed her Saturday night. Did everything to the book. I pitched the yeast. I WAS surprised to find that my thermometer read that @ the 4.5g mark, the temperature of the...