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  1. K

    Life gets in the way

    I can't believe it has been 5 years since I posted on here. Life got in the way. I moved my mother in with me to take care of her during the mid stages of dementia, and then on into a care facility. An uncle ask me to assist him with his cancer treatment, be his POA and administrator of his...
  2. K

    Red hibiscus mead... bee swarm almost stopped me.

    The mead sounds good. I like most of my wines and meads sweetened back to 1.010 also.
  3. K

    Crazy idea -- fermenting punch

    In 1970 when all of the ingredients used for punch had real sugar, a college room mate fermented some in a cabinet under the sink at the dorm room. He said it was pretty good. Of course then he would drink Ripple and Boones Farm :)
  4. K

    CO2 in Root Beer

    I wasn't clear was I? The recipe called for putting food grade dry ice in the mix and serving it as soon as the dry ice had dissolved in the mix.
  5. K

    CO2 in Root Beer

    While searching the net for root beer ideas I came across a recipe that used food grade CO2 to carbonate root beer. While the root beer was to be served freshly made, I was wondering if anyone had ever tried it and what your thoughts are on bottling it?
  6. Jenny's Hard Cider & Tadpole Killer

    Jenny's Hard Cider & Tadpole Killer

    My first cider label
  7. Labels


    Labels I have made for my brews.
  8. K

    Bees and honey

    There are several associations in your area. Fredericksburg, Stafford, and King George all have associations. Here is the contact info for Rappahannock Beekeepers Association. President: Irving West Phone: 540-371-9596 I suggest you find a good Nuc...
  9. K

    Any canned venison recipes out there?

    If a steer or a hog was treated the way some people treat there venison, they wouldn't eat it. When I go hunting I have heavy duty garbage bags with me that I fill with ice when I harvest a deer. I stuff them in the cavity ASAP. Aging has never been a problem if it is done at a refrigeration...
  10. K

    Applejack questions I couldn't find the answers to

    Different types of alcohol boil at different temperatures. Likewise they freeze at different temperatures. The temperature differences can be as little as 1 or 2 degrees. You will have to have a very fine control of the temperature. I think the best way to control the type of alcohol you...
  11. K

    Any canned venison recipes out there?

    Remove all fat from your canning meat. Cut your deer into stew size chunks. Pack tightly into the jars. Ad 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt for a quart size jar. Add 1 clove of garlic. Process in a pressure canner according to their wild meat recommendation. When done it is ready to eat as is...
  12. K

    Do I need to stabilize again?

    Thanks Yopper. I am looking forward to giving it a taste this week. I was also looking at my log for this mead I am wondering if the % of alcohol might be a higher than I like. I need to work through the calculations again,
  13. K

    Do I need to stabilize again?

  14. K

    Do I need to stabilize again?

    Elsewhere on here I have posted my progress with my Chocolate Mead. At one year I took it off of the lees and I put in ¾ tsp of Potassium Sorbate as a stabilizer to the 2 1/2 gal of mead. It is now another year and I am thinking of bottling. Some of it I will back sweeten with some of the...
  15. K

    Cocoa mead started

    How is your cocoa mead doing? I just posted a picture of mine.
  16. K

    This stuff had better be worth it

    I pulled the Chocolate Mead out to check today. I like the looks and I will give it a sample here soon.
  17. K

    What are your opinions...

    The tree has been dead for over a year. Should I also let it season after I cut it?
  18. K

    What are your opinions...

    Just down the road from my house is a peach tree that died 2 years ago. The summer before it had a bumper crop of peaches. The tree is about 12 inches at the base. I am thinking of offering to cut it down for the wood. What are your opinions on peach wood to smoke cure a ham or bacon?
  19. K

    Chili ideas

    Personally I like chili without beans. Yesterday I got desperate and had a bowl of Wendy's chili. Next week I am making a batch. The recipe for this batch is still being developed but one think for sure, it will have is a nice amount of ground venison.
  20. K

    Real Old Honey

    This honey is from my earlier days of beekeeping. This weekend I will see just how much I have and how it the taste is.