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    Anyone brew anything "odd"?

    Cheers everyone!!! Was curious if anyone on here has brewed some odd combination brews? was it successful? Weird flavor profiles? I am currently brewing my second brew is a curried pumpkin ale. I am a cook by trade so I am excited to try some odd favors/combinations. I only brew...
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    fermentation stopped?

    Hello! I am brewing my first beer. A spiced pumpkin ale. after about 8 hours the fermentation was kicking so hard it blew out of the top of the 3 piece airlock. I sanitized a new lock pulled the old one out and replaced it Nd I haven't seen a bubble since. I know that airlocks are a bad...
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    Changing airlock very quickly.

    I am new to the forum, awesome stuff guys! I apologize if this has been asked as im sure it has but after some searching i didnt see anything, so apologies if im repeating old news. I brewed from scratch a spiced pumpkin ale. Long story short, after about 4-5 hours fermentation started...
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    Hello! Best way to carbonate 1 gallon of Hard Cider

    I plan on bottling into 22 ounce bottles. I was wondering the best method to carbonate cider along the lines of champagne. nice bubbles but nothing crazy. I only have one gallon to bottle and was curious is I should add simple syrup to the bottling just really new at this...