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  1. jamieofthenorth

    American Pale Ale Da Yooper's House Pale Ale

    Bottled four weeks now and it's fantastic. Wow. Best brew I've done so far.
  2. jamieofthenorth

    Great beer ! From coors ???

    If somebody gives me one, I'll try it, but given the wealth of awesome and obviously local microbrews here in Maine along with my own buttkicking homebrews, I'm good. If nothing else, it shows that real microbrews are continuing to grow in popularity and the bigger guys are trying to get a...
  3. jamieofthenorth

    New 100 Rhizome hop farm

    Very cool! Good luck with the project.
  4. jamieofthenorth

    First brew day

    Nice! Good plan with being okay with truly throwing away the throw away batch should it be needed. I'd recommend getting those hose clamps to replace the duct tape before the next batch, but I'm guessing you already plan to do that.
  5. jamieofthenorth

    Critters and Hop Plants

    Ah, thanks for all of the responses. Good to know. Maybe I'll save the money and trouble and forgo the fence.
  6. jamieofthenorth

    Critters and Hop Plants

    Has anyone ever had any problems with animals eating/destroying your hop plants? I'll probably build a small garden fence just in case given that I live on the edge of a large section of woods, but was curious if anyone has had any problems. If so, ever catch the culprits? Skunks? Rabbits...
  7. jamieofthenorth

    American Pale Ale Da Yooper's House Pale Ale

    Brewing this now. Yooper, thanks for the recipe! Somewhat new to all-grain, so I was very stoked to have nailed the pre-boil gravity. Things are going smooth, can't wait.
  8. jamieofthenorth

    Valentines Day Ideas

    I've only used Beersmith 2, but am very happy with it.
  9. jamieofthenorth

    Valentines Day Ideas

    What a great idea! Any homebrewer would love a gift like that. Do you guys have any brewing software? That might be a nice addition.
  10. jamieofthenorth

    BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game

    Hey, that looks pretty cool! Novel idea for a game.
  11. jamieofthenorth


    If you checked in on Untappd with those, you'd probably earn a thousand gazillion badges.
  12. jamieofthenorth

    Altbier Kaiser Alt

    Thanks Arturo. I found the videos on YouTube which did indeed answer a lot of questions. My remaining head scratchers have to do with Beersmith 2... specifically why it doesn't give me a volume for the mash out and also why it says to fly sparge (and gives a volume for that). Regardless, I guess...
  13. jamieofthenorth

    Altbier Kaiser Alt

    I need a little help here. I'm pretty new to all-grain, having only done four BIAB batches before but now I've built a mash tun and am eager to use this recipe on it for the first time. I also just purchased BeerSmith 2 and I'm still learning it. I plugged this recipe into BeerSmith, which is...
  14. jamieofthenorth

    Altbier Düsseldorf Alt

    Going to do this one next. Wife hinted strongly that she wants an altbier and it sounded good to me as well. Thanks for the recipe.
  15. jamieofthenorth

    Breweries in New England!

    Oh man, if you can swing up to Maine, you'll be in for a huge treat. We're well known for our abundance of microbreweries. You could visit Shipyard, Allagash, Gritty's, Oxbow, Maine Beer Co. to just name just a few. In addition to the beer, Maine is known for its incredible coastlines, mountains...
  16. jamieofthenorth

    100% Homegrown Homebrew?

    Has anyone ever not just grow their own hops, but also grown their own grains and harvested their own wild yeast for a 100% "off the grid" homebrew? I've read that growing hops and harvesting wild yeast are relatively easy, but I haven't come across much on growing your own grains. I assume...
  17. jamieofthenorth

    Oatmeal Stout Classic Oatmeal Stout

    Holy crap. Really happy with how this came out. I've tested a few and though it's only been 2 1/2 weeks, it's awesome. Can't wait to taste it in another week or two when it ages a little more. Big thanks for the recipe, much appreciated. This is a perfect winter beer.
  18. jamieofthenorth

    Is Your Favorite LHBS Listed?

    Could you add Maine to the list, please? Thanks!
  19. jamieofthenorth

    Winter Seasonal Beer Christmas Ale (Great Lakes Clone)

    Gave it a test after bottling for almost two weeks and while I'm new to all grain, I can tell this is seriously one of the best I've brewed to date. The only thing that sucks is that I was planning on giving away quite a few of these for Christmas presents.
  20. jamieofthenorth

    Why put peppers in beer? Why? No really, why?

    Brewed an amber ale with jalapeno. While I think it's good, I'm also not the biggest fan but my wife thinks it's the best beer ever. Keeping her happy makes it easier for me to commandeer the kitchen for brewing, so yes, I guess it truly is the best beer of all time.