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    Keg/carboy washer

    I know these have been made a million times before, but after 5 years of brewing and cleaning by hand like some chump I made my own. There was a lot of splashing so I rigged up some larger pipe to funnel the water down more. Thank you everyone for the ideas and how-to's.
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    Portable 4 tap set up

    I threw a party this weekend and unfortunately my kegerator only has room for 2 taps. Having other beers I wanted to have on tap, I needed a solution. Picnic taps would have been fine, but I don't like to do things the easy way. I already had the faucets and disconnects for a future kegerator...
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    Admiral Refrigerator HMG21524 question

    So I picked up one of these for $5. It was previously converted into a kegerator, but not very well done. Had to remove all the fiberglass insulation from the door as it was molding with beer and whatever else was stored in the fridge, and made a shelf just tall enough to store bottles...