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    To top or not to top

    I would not cut it off. According to publications I've read, hops produces best if allowed to grow upward and not horizontal. I believe the most cones are produced higher up. Can you extend your trellis and string? I have had my hops grow to the top of the string and then had to extended...
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    Texas Hop Garden

    I planted four different types about 3/31. I purchased them from at a very good price. Being in deep south Texas salt and alkalinity is a problem so I had to prepare raised beds as well. The usual garden soil, potting soil and sphagnum moss mix. I got them going on on...
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    First year grow height

    I bought 4 types from Thymegarden this year and they have really grown. They were planted around 3/30. Nugget- about 16 ft. Grew 6"/day and was first to put on cones. Lots of them. Willamette- about 11 ft. slowed down and bushed out. No cones yet. Cascade- planted late- about 10 ft. but growing...
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    First Lager - 60 hours - still no fermentation

    Thanks for the reply. The og was 1.052 but I haven't checked it since and have not opened the bucket to check for krausen. How could fermentation be taking place and not produce bubbles? What does RDWHAHB stand for? I'm obviously new at this. So how much time do you suggest I give it...
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    First Lager - 60 hours - still no fermentation

    I brewed my first lager on Saturday. Here it is Mon. evening and still no fermentation. I used Saflager S-23. A small test vessel of the same wort started fermenting at 12 hrs. but nothing has happened in the 5 gal. bucket. I only pitched one packet. I am tempted to pitch another. At what...
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    Lager lag time- what is normal- need advise

    Thank you. I suspected that would be the consensus. I'm going to bed.
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    Lager lag time- what is normal- need advise

    After brewing a few ales successfully and having rigged a small lagerator I decided brew my first lager. This is a 5 gal. vienna lager kit from MoreBeer. The wort temp was 65 when pitched. I had hydrated the yeast before pitching but do not know the temp. of it when pitched. (approx. 75F)...
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    Getting pretty discouraged

    This is an interesting topic. I am new at this amazing art of brewing and try to be as observant as possible. I am confident that the temp. reading of a fermometer stuck directly to the side of a fermentation bucket will accuratly display the temp. of the beer within. Any heat produced by the...
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    Rhizomes are on the way

    I ordered mine from thymegarden and they are shipping also. I cant wait to get them in the ground.
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    Bubbling stopped after ~40 hours...should I look inside?

    I just signed in and happened upon this thread. Glad I did because I am in a similar situation. First brew. Brown ale and coopers yeast. I aerated a moderate amount and the fermentation really took off. Fermentation was essentially over in about 30 - 32 hours. Almost blew out the air lock...
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    Fermentation - Fast and Furious

    Thanks for the imput. The OG was 1.044 right on the money. I'll check it again in a week. I'm already planning my next batch. aside: Are there any recipes for 3 gallon batches?
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    Fermentation - Fast and Furious

    My first batch. Brown ale kit by TrueBrew. I rehydrated and primed the yeast according to Palmer. I used Coopers dry but an 11 gm. package and not the smaller package provided. Pitched yeast at about 70 - 75F. Four or five hours after pitching it took off and almost blew out the air lock...
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    Cooling the wort-need suggestions

    What is the best way to cool down the wort? I know ice can be added or a cooler used. Is it reasonable to put 2-3 gal. of really cold water in the fermenter and add the hot wort directly to it? Are there any really unaccptable things I should be aware of before brewing my first time this weekend?