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  1. GNBrews

    Question about powdered enzymes

    I'm referring to the powdered enzyme (as opposed to the liquid alpha or fungus derived Amyloglucosidase) you can purchase at a LHBS. Typically it's labeled "Amylase enzyme" and is supposed to be 4% alpha-amylase and 96% Dextrose as a flow agent. Does that help?
  2. GNBrews

    Question about powdered enzymes

    If powdered enzyme is used, do the same reaction kinetics happen via temperature? IE. Would mashing at 156F with powdered enzymes produce a fuller bodied beer than mashing at 148F? Or, does the powder just produce a highly fermentable wort no matter what as long as it's not denatured (170F+).
  3. GNBrews

    Burner problem

    Very likely, yes. The higher flow will draw in more mixing air.
  4. GNBrews

    Force carbonation with March Pump?

    They absolutely have. You can buy 12V diaphragm pumps for around $20 shipped, and run an NPT threaded carbonation stone in a stainless tee fitting. Mount it all on a cheap cutting board. Total cost is under $100. I was just...
  5. GNBrews

    Force carbonation with March Pump?

    I was looking at a Blichmann Quickcarb the other day and comparing its function to a soda machine carbonator. Assuming you've got a carbonator lid with stone or have somehow otherwise plumbed an auxiliary CO2 connection into the lid to provide continuous pressurized CO2 in the headspace...
  6. GNBrews

    DIY Stainless Steel Fermenters

    Great idea! That second one even has a cutting template. ;)
  7. GNBrews

    DIY Stainless Steel Fermenters

    I've got the Bayou Classic 44QT with a lid diameter just shy of 13.5". Has anyone found a gasket that fits? I've looked at SS Brew Tech and few others, but haven't found anything within stretching size.
  8. GNBrews

    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    I'm in. I would love to see this sitting in the brew room!
  9. GNBrews

    Pull Through (dimpled) TC Ferrules for Soldering Prototype Stuff

    I think annealing will be the word of the day for those larger fittings. The drilling process hardens the edges of the hole, and that's a lot of stretch. It should be trivial with a torch.
  10. GNBrews

    Brewer's Friend Giveaway! Big Thanks to HBT!

    Interested in learning about Tilt. Thank you for the opportunity! I'm more of a hockey fan, but read a little bit about Ryne Sandberg, and he sounds like a great player (coach & manager)!
  11. GNBrews

    Pull Through (dimpled) TC Ferrules for Soldering Prototype Stuff

    Bump. Any word on whether you'll offer a mandrel for the 2" TC fittings?
  12. GNBrews

    Price gouging... Hopslam is not Heady Topper!

    It's around $18 a 6-pack here in ND. I'd offer to mail you guys some, but after shipping costs, it wouldn't even be worth it.
  13. GNBrews

    Clean VS Sanitized

    Science! Good luck with your experiments; hopefully you end up with tasty beer. :mug: The suggestion of using ethanol to sanitize your equipment is a good one. Some cheap "White Eagle" vodka or similar in a spray bottle should serve you without worry about using halogens, or caustic/acidic...
  14. GNBrews

    Reusing Ball/Mason Jar Lids for Yeast Harvesting - Yes or No?

    Does the plastic survive the pressure cooking operation to sterilize the wort initially?
  15. GNBrews

    The Dread Dog Disease.... beer as medication

    There's rumors of an oak-aged Canadian Club that's quite good. I've never found it though. Sounds like a Bigfoot story to me....
  16. GNBrews

    The Dread Dog Disease.... beer as medication

    My doc always says to "force fluids". Beer is a fluid. :)
  17. GNBrews

    Fix pinhole in aluminum boil kettle

    I ended up using an Oatey all purpose liquid flux around the hole, scrubbed/scratched up the area really well under the liquid with a stainless brush, and then applied heat and the Safe Flo solder again. It flowed and bonded well on the bottom of the pot. :)
  18. GNBrews

    Who currently makes the best bulkhead kit for Rubbermaid coolers?

    Great idea. I currently have set of more rigid orange-colored silicone o-rings. I'll invest in a few of the softer, translucent variety.