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    Virginia Grainfather, 10 gal stainless conical fermenter, speidel fermenter, + tons more

    Here's a great opportunity to buy everything you need for a 5gal brewing system at a great price! Grainfather, speidel fermenter, 10gal stainless conical fermenter, 3x 5 gal corny kegs, 3 tap system, 5 lb carbon dioxide tank, hops baskets, stainless steel table, 3 tap kegerator (homemade) plus...
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    I need some help from our resident electric brewing specialists

    Any updates on how your system worked?
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    Has anyone seen a system like this?

    I'm looking for my first setup
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    Has anyone seen a system like this?

    Not a vendor- I have been looking for brewing systems and came across this one. Just wondering if anyone was familiar with this type. I'm just a guy new to brewing. I was looking at the brew magic set up and and just wanted some insight on other types of systems. It is from China - listed...
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    Has anyone seen a system like this?

    Just wondering people's thoughts on a 50l system like this?