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  1. asgreen21

    Not quite sour Berliner Weisse

    lol... bringing this thread back from the dead. I finally gave up on yeast and went to a total lacto method. I was finally happy with the level of sour doing it this way. It made a great strawberry Berliner. It's been a while but here's what I remember.... I know I used white labs and...
  2. asgreen21

    Not quite sour Berliner Weisse

    I know it's been 5 years since this post was active but I'm wondering if you happen to remember if your beer ever got sour ?
  3. asgreen21

    The 2014 NHC First Round - Results/Speculation Thread

    Anyone receive their score sheets from Nashville? The results have been posted for a while but I haven't seen my scoresheets yet. Just wondering if mine are lost in the mail or they just haven't mailed them out yet. My pale ale finished second and I'm dying to know the actual score.
  4. asgreen21

    3 FLoyds Zombie Dust attempt. Help/info requested

    How did the lower mash/001 yeast/dextrose change things? Seems like that'd get it pretty dry. I often have issues getting my beers to finish totally so I was thinking about an approach like this.
  5. asgreen21

    Can You Brew It recipe for Deschutes Obsidian Stout

    Just brewed 10 gallons of this and I'm thinking about adding some american oak cubes to half of it. Anyone ever do that with this beer? I'm also considering adding a little bourbon. thoughts?
  6. asgreen21

    best place to buy bulk grain?