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  1. codysorgenfrey

    Washington Kettle 50qt (12.5 gal)

    Homebrew kettle, 50 quart or 12.5 gallon, aluminum. Comes with lid, spigot, kettle screen, and a thermometer (not shown). Works great, I bought it used then used for several brews but upgraded to stainless steel. $40 obo.
  2. codysorgenfrey

    Tilt Hydrometer Windows 10 cloud logging

    Hey friends! I just got a new Tilt Hydrometer for Christmas and was shocked to find no support for using a windows pc to sit beside the fermenter and log what it hears to the cloud! I whipped up a quick utility that does just that. You're all welcome to give it a try! Find it at my BitBucket...
  3. codysorgenfrey

    Error somewhere in my gravity measurements

    Can some one help point me in the right direction? The last three brews I’ve done I’ve thought I nailed my pre-boil gravity and volume, then after my boil my OG is low but my volume is correct. I understand it’s not possible to “loose gravity”. Gravity and volume are a ratio and by boiling...
  4. codysorgenfrey

    Local homebrew shops

    I’ve been hearing lots of stuff about LHBS closing from COVID restrictions. Anyone experiencing this? If so what’re you doing instead? Luckily mine is still going strong. Not sure what I’d do.