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    WTB: March pump

    Looking for an 809 in good condition, or any other mag pump that can handle boiling wort. -J
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    Clear candy sugar vs table sugar (sucrose) for Belgian

    When brewing a Belgian, what is the difference between using clear candy sugar and just using straight table sugar? I don't really understand the chemical differences between the two, nor how/if they react differently during fermentation. I can understand how a dark candy sugar will give...
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    Again a stuck/slow fermentation and must have my beer kegged in 1 week. What to do?

    Our brewclub puts together a brewfest every year for Cystic Fibrosis, and everyone brews a bunch of beer to donate and pour. It's a lot of fun, gets the word out about homebrew and everything we make goes to a great cause. So I brewed a stout and a pale a few weeks back and they have ceased...
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    how much cherry pie filling to substitute for cherries?

    I have a recipe calling for 10lb of frozen cherries in the secondary, but all I have is canned cherry pie filling. Each can is 1.3 lb, but contains sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The sugars are going to ferment out, but is there unfermentable sugars in cherry pie filling that is going to...
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    angry at WLP500

    This yeast frankly is a real pain in the booty. For 2 beers now (my Grand Reserve clone and a Mad Elf clone) The yeast starts hard for about 3 days then dies around 1/3 of my gravity drop. I am able to get things rolling again by stirring every other day. But I hate to be opening my fermenters...
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    $45 10 plate chiller on ebay

    I just found this on ebay and was wondering if anyone here has experience on this unit. Do you think it's big enough or should I go with a 15 or 20 plate model. It's about the length and width of a...
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    inexpensive stirbars?

    I am looking for stirbars and am kinda shocked at the prices of these stupid things. Anyone have an inexpensive source? -J
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    can I fit 38lb of grain in my mash tun?

    I have a 70qt igloo cube (seems smaller than 70, but that's what it says) and I want to brew a chimay grand reserve clone. My grain bill is just under 38lb of grain. Is this all going to fit in 1 mash? I'd hate to fill with strike water only to realize that I am full after adding only 1/3 the...
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    How long for frozen yeast to wake up?

    When I started brewing about a year ago, I decided to make a frozen yeast bank from my primary yeast cakes. I bought a bunch of glass testubes with screw on lids, and some glycerine. I would pour the yeast from the primary into a quart mason jar and let it settle in the fridge for about 30...
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    making a starter with sugar water?

    I have to begin stepping up some yeast for a large belgian beer, and don't have any DME. I do however have a bunch of table sugar. Can I use table sugar to step up teh yeast for my starter? Any idea of the sugar to water ratio? Thanks, -J
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    Hommel Bier recipe wanted

    I had this beer last night, and I really want to make it. I thought it was very clean, almost like a pils, but I think it's a strong ale. Does anyone have a recipe? I was going to try to culture some yeast from a bottle of it if I can find it. -J
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    Chimay Grand Reserve Clone?

    Anyone have a Chimay blue clone recipe? Thanks, -J
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    adding spices in the keg

    I need to add a bit of clove and coriander seed to 5 gal of heffe. The yeast I used gave me zero clove flavors and I also never put coriander seed in the boil. Having never spiced a beer post fermentation, I was wondering how much clove to add to get a very slight flavor. I figured those...
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    need to spice up a bland heffe.

    So I brewed a heffe with wb-06 and it is awfully bland. I am wanting to spice this up a bit, but am unsure the exact approach to take. The keg is chilled and fully carbed. I was thinking of adding a bag of coriander seed and clove into the keg. The question is how much. I had thought 1/2...
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    WB-06 impressions

    I tried a wheat beer using WB-06. It was a straight 60/40 beer. I pitched the 06 and fermented at 68-70*F. My thoughts? Very plain and not exciting at all. Other than the cloudiness, it almost like I fermented this beer with an american ale yeast. There are not any yeast characteristics...
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    Problems related to racking to secondary too soon?

    I have a Mad Elf clone that has been fermenting away for a week now in the primary. I am a point or two (i'm still dropping) from where I estimate my gravity to be before racking to the secondary. I am supposed to rack on top of cherries in the secondary, and I'd really like to get this...
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    whitbread yeast with cascades and columbus?

    I am going to have a nice slurry of whitbread yeast from a blond ale, and was wondering if it would be a good idea to use it with my IPA and my pale ale, both of which contain a lot of cascades and columbus hops. Would I be better using an american ale yeast instead? IPA: 11 Gal, 72% eff...
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    profile for IIPA

    what is the profile for IIPA? I can't find it in beersmith. -J
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    Pale ale critique

    I took a look at EdWorts Pale Ale recipe, and wanted to make it, but I only have crystal 40 and Munich malts. So I came up with this. Does it look OK? What would you change? 11 gal final volume 72% est. efficiency 17lb pale 2 row 2lb Munich (6-10 srm) 1.5lb Crystal 40 2oz cascade...