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    San Diego destinations

    Where is the good beer at in San Diego. Stone is already on the agenda and Green Flash maybe to far to drive home from. THX
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    Blow off tube or not?

    I'm brewing in a 6.5 gal carboy. I just stick the tube down the neck and into a glass with sanitized water. Wasn't sure about the fermentation activity of a stout. Looks like I'll be using one. THX
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    Blow off tube or not?

    Going to be brewing a milk stout up tomorrow and am debating if I should use a inch and a quarter od blow off tube. Here is the recipe. THX
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    Hacker Pschorr clone

    Anyone still got the recipe for this one?
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    Stuck fermentation help

    Brewed an AHS Belgian White last night and there has been no activity since. Liquid yeast that got shipped to Phoenix about a week or so ago. Pretty hot. Think it got scorched? I got the yeast fuel but forgot to add it at the end of the boil. Can I add it directly into the carboy now...
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    2 parter--Dry hop and muslin bag

    1. How do you dry hop? 2. Doing a partial mash from ahs and want to know if I should use the bag or just strain out the grains. Pros and cons. THX
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    Post fermentation temps

    How critical is it to keep the temp down after the fermentation is complete? (ie: secondary and bottles) THX
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    Starting gravity worries

    The temp was around 60-ish when I took the starting gravity. It is supposed to finish at 1.012-1.015. It is still bubbling about every 30 seconds I did not mix the wort and water at all above pouring it in from 5ft. I thought that would do the trick but now I'll make sure to stir...
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    Starting gravity worries

    Brewers Best IPA kit with Amarillo hops thrown in at the end of the boil. Kit says the starting gravity should be 1.050 but I got 1.030. This was saturday the 7th and today it is down to 1.020. I thought I followed the directions to a T but looks like I suck. Any ideas on what caused...
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    High temp fermenting question

    Then Belgian it is....thx
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    High temp fermenting question

    Are there any beers/yeasts/recipes that prefer warm-ish fermenting? I have an IPA going right now but it is always wrapped in wet towels. THX
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    Getting the hops out of the wort?

    How are you guys filtering the pellet hops out of the wort before putting it in the fermentor? We used a funnel with a filter and that took f o r e v e r. THX
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    still bubbling after 1 month

    Muntons IPA kit....added the bowl of sugar to the wort. Spent 10 days in the primary and 3 weeks in the secondary. Still getting bubbles in the lock every couple seconds or so. I want to bottle today but I don't want to come home to Baghdad. 05/19/07 sg 1.022 05/12/07 sg 1.024 What...
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    Re-usable bottle question

    Thanks everyone....exactly what I was looking for. Another Wittekerke and I'm going to start cleaning my empites.
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    Re-usable bottle question

    Any brand in particular other than Grolsh and Sam Adams that can be re-used without danger of blowing up my closet?
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    Re-usable bottle question

    What bottles are re-usable? Sorry if this topic has jumped the shark.
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    I've been in PHX for too long so I consider this "cool"....
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    I was thinking about using a secondary...should I wait till it stops bubbling so frequently? How long should I leave it in the secondary before bottling? Instructions say to leave it in the fermenter for 7-8 days before bottling. THX
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    OK....attempted my first home brew yesterday and I'm not so good with instuctions so I think I may of messed things up. First...When cooling the wort I put in a gallon of cold water and then topped the last four gallons with room temp water....was at about 78 degrees when I put the yeast in...