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  1. fetidpants

    🔥NEW PRODUCT Giveaway🔥 - Inkbird Laser Thermometer Gun

    I've wanted an IR thermometer for a very long time, count me in for the giveaway!
  2. fetidpants

    FREE TEST for Inkbird new product IBS-TH2 temperature sensor

    I would definitely be interested in testing in my keezer and new fermentation fridge
  3. fetidpants

    4mm ID Beer Line (EVABarrier)

    Which roughness do you recommend using in the calculator for EVAbarrier 4mm instead of vinyl tubing (e=0.000016 [ft])? Thanks!
  4. fetidpants

    EVA Barrier over barbs

    After much deliberation and reading up on these threads, I've decided to build my keezer with the superb sounding EVA barrier. Problem is my gas side: I haven't found any info on swaging it onto 3/8" barbs. My gas manifold has 3/8" barbed shutoff valves (calipers show ~10 mm) and would rather...
  5. fetidpants

    Omega Lutra yeast?

    I brewed 2 lawnmower Kveik Blonde ales recently, basically the same recipe, aiming for a pseudo lager (hopped with Nugget and homegrown Cascade). One batch with Omega Voss, the other Omega Lutra. Both were done fermenting within a week, even kept at lows 70s. Both also tasted great (neither...
  6. fetidpants

    Has anyone automated a Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil

    I was wondering the same thing. (not an owner, just researching) The replacement board can be found here Mash & Boil Replacement Board Set From the pics, I was thinking it might be possible to disassemble the unit, wire a microcontroller GPIO to the buttons directly, and automate pressing the...