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  1. pedalmedic

    Mother of Pearl!!!!!!!!!

    :mad: So I had a plan... Super bowl weekend, keg will be carb'd, have some friend coming over for a BBQ tonight. I went straight to the second Job after the first and we ran out butts off so no sleep. Came home this AM and took a nap. Woke up and took care of some things that I needed to do...
  2. pedalmedic

    The best part of home brewing for me is..

    Sharing. I gave a dedicated Bud Lite guy a stout, its cool to have some one say "Wow, this is good" even if he was lying :D When I bottle, it goes so much faster than the keg. I am always giving them away. Share the craft! Next for me would be the process. SWMBO will help me, we "schedule" a...
  3. pedalmedic

    Can you make a pin lock a ball lock

    I MAY have a few pin lock kegs coming my way. Can I take the pin locks off and swap for ball locks? that is what is current on my Kegging system. Revvy, you search Guru, I searched and found no answer. When you do find the answer on a previous post, (I don't know how:confused:) I owe you a home...
  4. pedalmedic

    Greater Baton Rouge area

    Zapps International Beer Festival :mug:
  5. pedalmedic

    Pure sugar cane

    I have a friend who has a sugar cane field. We were talking about the process of making sugar cane 9 gallons makes 1 gal, worse is maple sugar I think it was 30 gallons to make 1. Any way, any one tried pure cane syrup?
  6. pedalmedic

    A good weekend

    In laws in town, Dad in law loves a good beer. We pounded away a few of the Java Stouts and he enjoyed them. SWMBO and I brewed, the neice was floating around and the food was great. Nice... thought I would share that family is a good thing
  7. pedalmedic

    Two different beers one way to carb

    I will be doing a wheat beer. What I have is 3.8 Vols CO2 at 45 degrees. That would put myline pressuer at 30 psi. I will alsobe doing a Kolsch, for this 2.6 Vols at 45 16 psi line pressure. I do not have a two way. My line is split off on one line. Can I hit the wheat up to 30 psi every few...
  8. pedalmedic

    5 Gal. MLT

    I have a 5 gallon igloo round cooler I would like to convert to try an all grain batch. From what I have searched, this is enough size to make a 5 gallon batch. Could this make a 10 Gallon batch so If I wanted to Keg and bottle some?
  9. pedalmedic

    Baton Rouge Beer Fest

    Word out is that the Beer Fest at the LSU Rural Life will be March 28, 2009. :mug::mug::tank:
  10. pedalmedic

    I love my Kegerator

    For the past two days I have been at the Malls with my 14 y.o. daughter and her friend "shopping" I love my kegerator! I come home and it cold. The handle is wanting me to pull it, releasing its bounty into my glass... Much love kegerator.... Much love
  11. pedalmedic

    Thank you everyone

    So I am enjoying a nicley hopped pale ale in a keg. The first kegging was not as fluid as I would have liked... it was more foamy. many searches and questions that have been answered, I am currently sipping on a great, nicely carbed, beer. I bow to you masters of the beer world and can only hope...
  12. pedalmedic

    Pretty cool gift

    Put this in SWMBO stocking. Friend at work take 4 inch tiles and attaches napkins to them to make coasters.
  13. pedalmedic

    Merry Christmas and who is brewing today!

    I am. SWMBO got me a fat tire clone kit. Time to light the fires and brew some tires:mug: Got plenty of time. my 9y.o was up at 515:confused:
  14. pedalmedic

    How old is too old; your age?

    Ok, I moved my pale ale to the keged to get cooled and carbed. I had to lift the carboy over a tupperware full of the bottled Java Stout; tweaked my back. I'm 40. Was in the military for about 12 years with a demanding job, in my youth I skateboarded, Surfed not to mention snow sports. Got older...
  15. pedalmedic

    Connecting co2 lines. What kind?

    Ok, I got a tripple valve for the kegerator that I am building. I have the size to run the lines. What I would like to know is if I need special CO2 lines. The keging kit came with the redline attached to the balllock that goes on the keg. Here is the plan... correct me before I blow up the...
  16. pedalmedic

    Is this enough of a push

    Making a blower for my kegerator. They had three inch fans but the project box would not fit it. You experts think that this will be enuff to push the air up to the tower? The fan states7.7cfm +_ 10%
  17. pedalmedic

    Gas prices are falling

    So gas has steadily decreased in price over the past few months. What I want to know is when are the utility companies going to abolish the surcharge they have placed on my utility bills. I am noticing a difference in the amount it costs me to fill up and go to work. I would think that they...
  18. pedalmedic

    Might be a good craigslist score in FL

    Orlando Homebrewing equipment
  19. pedalmedic

    Still got small bubbles in secondary

    I have a Java Stout Brewed on 11-18 Thames Valley Propagator mixed with 2 cups DME in 2 liters water starter. I put the rest of the pound in with the rest of the malt 6 LBS dark LME 8oz Chocolate Malt 4oz flaked Barley 4oz roasted barley and hops I had great action in the primary and...
  20. pedalmedic

    Ima sofa king we todd ed

    Say the title a couple of times. Made a simcoe pale ale. Love me some hops. I went to get the OG and had Sanitized the flask to dip in. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, but stuck my whole hand into the beer.:confused: We will see... The air lock is bubbling. Posted here as a NON...