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  1. maffewl

    Non Alcoholic Ginger/Lemongrass Beer

    Hey everyone, admittedly, I didn't do an exhaustive search on this topic. But here goes, I've brewed for probably a decade now, so I'm familiar with the homebrew process. However, a buddy of mine is a non-alcoholic drinker and is interested in learning how to brew ginger beer or lemongrass...
  2. maffewl

    WLP644 hello... is there anybody in there.

    Just nod if you can hear me... Is there anyone at home? Ok, enough with the dark sides. Just received this from the homebrew store, my first time purchasing WLP644 (Brett Trois). Is this how it is supposed to look or am I missing some yeast? I'm not used to seeing an "empty" vial. Usually...
  3. maffewl

    Riding Lawn Mower - Which One To Choose?

    I know this isn't a lawn forum, but for those of you who understand lawn mowers, motors, etc (which I don't know anything about)... I'd like to ask you to help me out. My raggedy push mower broke down yesterday and I have been pushing hard to get a rider. I've now got the ok from the SWMBO...
  4. maffewl

    Tennessee Brewers Thread

    Just wanted to let those who don't already know... alot of us TN brewers post in the "Misfits of Brewing Science" thread. It's for TN brewers.
  5. maffewl

    12 PSI Canning Starter Wort?

    Is 12 psi enough to can starter wort? And, if so, how long should I "cook" it for?
  6. maffewl

    T-Fal Clipso Pressure Cooker

    I'm looking into starting to can wort for starters. My mom had this pressure cooker collecting dust in her cabinets and gave it to me to use. Problem is... she doesn't have the instructions and I can't find any that match this one online. They have the new Clipso booklets (instead of numbers...
  7. maffewl

    Three Floyds Jinx Proof Lager Yeast

    Does anyone know if the yeast that is in the Three Floyds Jinx Proof Lager is the primary yeast? I would like to harvest some, but didn't want to waste my time if not.
  8. maffewl

    6 Ball Lock Gas Disconnects

    $3 + shipping a piece... would sell all 6 for $15 + shipping. They look to be 1/4" barb size. I bought a co2 tank and regulator and these 6 disconnects came with the deal. However, I have pin lock kegs, not ball lock, so here you go. I have no way of testing them, but the guy I bought...
  9. maffewl

    Beer is watery

    Hey guys... if you could help, you rock. I have six kegs going... all on the set it and forget it method and some have been in there for at least two months. Everything is set for the correct temp and pressure to get 2.4 volumes. However, all of the beers pour out with a solid head and all...
  10. maffewl

    SRM without strong flavor of Black Malt

    Looking to make a porter and the recipe I'm using has a good amount of de-bittered black malt. However, all I have is standard black malt with no easy access to the de-bittered. I'm an all grain brewer, and I've tried adding the roasted grain at the mash out which has helped some, but I really...
  11. maffewl

    Show us your other obsession(s)...

    I always love to hear (and see) what other people like to do in their free time. It says alot about the person, and gives me new ideas of things I might want to try. Of course, homebrewing is one of my obsessions as I'm sure it's yours as well... But what do you do with your free time when...
  12. maffewl

    Vienna Sub

    Looking to brew a Xingu type dark american lager... the CloneBrews recipe calls for 1/2 lb. of Vienna, which of course, I don't have, and no LHBS nearby. I do however have Munich, Maris Otter, and Pilsen. Would it be best to sub the 0.25 lb of Munich w/ 0.25 lb Maris Otter? Or, w/ 0.25...
  13. maffewl

    Acetaldehyde On Purpose

    My very first beer was a simple American Light Ale extract kit that my wife had bought me. We didn't have any corn sugar, and since I didn't know any better, I substituted table sugar. Not only that, but I followed the 1,2,3 directions I was given. Of course, it turned out with quite a bit of...
  14. maffewl

    I am now an Architect!

    I know most of you guys don't know me and don't care... but I'm stoked. We have to have a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture professional degree, a minimum of 3 year internship, and pass 7 exams that average approx. 5 hours each! I just got my final pass letter! I can now call myself an...
  15. maffewl

    BPA Levels Rise 1,221% from Canned Soup

    I know there has been a ton of discussion about BPA in the plastic water bottles, buckets, etc. that we use... I haven't brewed with extract in quite a while, but it sounds like it could be in the LME cans as well. BPA Levels Rise 1,221% After 5 Days Eating Canned Soup
  16. maffewl

    Pin Lock Posts wont loosen...

    I've got a pin lock deep socket, but I about broke my hands trying to loosen the posts. I just bought these kegs and they had what smelled like Sprite or 7up in them, so maybe the syrup has solidified and is keeping the posts from turning... I have no idea. All I know is tried until I wore...
  17. maffewl

    Kraken Rum Growler

    The Kraken Rum bottles look like they would make a sweet growler. Any thoughts?
  18. maffewl

    NFL Draft 2011

    Titans select Jake Locker?... (facepalm)
  19. maffewl

    Bottle Conditioning - Can't make sense of this.

    I'm sure the answer is simple, but I can't seem to figure out what's going on. I brewed a wheat beer from extract (my last before switching to all-grain) approx. the end of February. Let it sit in the primary for 3 weeks, then bottled. It's been conditioning for around 6 weeks now. Here's...
  20. maffewl

    Best IPA Recipe

    I'm looking to brew a good summertime IPA and currently have an Amarillo IPA in the primary now, but would like to have a choice when it warms up outside. I personally love Terrapin Hopsecutioner... so something close or better than that would be awesome!