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  1. liquiditynerd

    What is this in THIS in my Passionfruit Wine?

    Did you use whole fruit? It looks like seeds.
  2. liquiditynerd

    Red wine still bubbling after 11 days

    The original specific gravity would help or at least a guess at what ever it is you're making, I think your yeast is fine if it's going that crazy. 14 days isn't that long. I mean mine still blopblops from time to time and that was last years harvest so 14 months ago.
  3. liquiditynerd

    Weird looking fermentation!

    So what else is in it? It looks like a section of fruit cake. Do you have your sparge #'s? It could be astringent as black tea, did you check ph? My RIS little beer was a bit astringent and also took a little while longer to get active, I added some LME but the ABV was still low so not much...
  4. liquiditynerd

    Uses for lees?

    realize this might be old but..... just racked the 2015 Barberra and thought about this. What we do is take the lees and rack left overs for marinade/soup/chili stock. Really anything you would marinade otherwise. The lees produce a creamy texture after boiling or basting. For marinades it's...
  5. liquiditynerd

    The [Horribly Unpopular] Soccer Thread

    Sounders FC v, FC Dallas So FC Dallas just had a red card, missed the player, radio only here, last week Sounder couldn't do $4!7 with a man up. Could be a bad look for Dallas but with Sounders out a couple on injury and not doing much with a man up last time its possible to hold up...
  6. liquiditynerd

    Brown Sugar

    I sometimes add molasses in some recipes, I prefer to add it to the primary but I could see brown sugar at 15, 10 or even 5 to avoid caramelizing.
  7. liquiditynerd

    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    It is nice. I had someone explain to me how I should do something today and I just couldn't understand for the life of me what he was explaining and needed a visual representation. Very good day at work learning what he was teaching me, I would've never been able to do the job I was in charge of...
  8. liquiditynerd

    If you LOVE your job...

    These are residential, yup, someone's house (or one of their houses). The first was a Conservatory in a home, and the beam work is for a master suite at another location. We just got the go ahead to redesign the trim details after they saw how it was coming together. All waterfront with vistas.
  9. liquiditynerd

    If you LOVE your job...

    Those projects were from our crew. So only 1/3 is me.
  10. liquiditynerd

    Tips for an old guy trying to learn guitar

    Also, I have been taking free courses on I saw a course just started Feb 2nd. at Berklee College of Music with Thadeus Hogarth titled Introduction to Guitar. Hey, it's free, it's on your own time, AND you get a Berklee College of Music certificate that you can frame and hang as a...
  11. liquiditynerd

    Tips for an old guy trying to learn guitar

    missed this thread but if its not too late. Are you learning tab? like string 1 finger 1 string 2 finger 2? I used to just go up and down the fingerboard on every string 1234, 4321, etc.. all the way around the board. The longer I did it the better I got and didn't get frustrated with misses...
  12. liquiditynerd

    Ask me anything!

    Does any one else age their wines and beer for a real long time just because bottling and cleaning is the worst part?
  13. liquiditynerd

    If you LOVE your job...

    Finished trimming out one room, 13,000 sqft of wood floors, walls, and ceiling. Started finishing out a fake timber frame, kind of an insult, I could've framed it out instead and the beams would add to the structure instead of add to the load.
  14. liquiditynerd

    How to order a beer at a National chain restaurant

    I think the only chain we visit is atzlapan or whatever it's called because SWMBO likes margaritas and salsa. At least they carry negro modelo.
  15. liquiditynerd

    Buying a scoby question

    I'd be interested in seeing how a purchased culture compares to a "brewers" culture. I don't even know what is in mine, lagers and ales, wines, meads, sours, vinegar, batch after batch thrown on top of each other. Wonder if that makes any difference?
  16. liquiditynerd

    SWMBO is a brewer now

    Damn fine situation you have there! No beer for the Mrs. but she gets down with some cider and wine recipes. I still do most of the work but she helps clean up and organize the brewing cabinet. We do an anniversary mead and she helps harvest as well.
  17. liquiditynerd

    Tow truck drivers

    Oh and funny enough, we don't use the community mailbox, they put it on our property though because we have a flat area for visitors, (actually its a Right of Way in front of our lot)! I did put it back up today with a temporary fix for the neighbors. I'm just stumped how someone could wreck so...
  18. liquiditynerd

    Tow truck drivers

    Great point. No not yet, being the weekend and with the superbowl about to go, with everyone here all 12, we haven't heard back from the sheriff. That's why I was wondering if they had to report a single car accident. I've been pulled from some pretty stupid spots but it was usually work related...
  19. liquiditynerd

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    Seeing as it's just about Super Bowl Sunday in New England,........ Go Hawks!!!!!!! Everywhere we go it's Blue and Green!