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    Reusing yeast cake on cider

    So I've got a sour waiting to be bottled somewhere in January. Read about reusing the yeastcake (Sach*, Brett, Lacto, Pedio), but I was wondering if any of you people have any experience with racking a cider on top of it. Please give me your opinions! *Sach would be dead by now, standing for 1...
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    How long before Pediococcus starts souring

    Hi all, We had long time plans to do a sour. So recently (14-1-2018) we set out to do a graded souring. We brewed a saison which we fermented with WLP566 (Belgain Saison II). After two weeks (28-1), when airlock activity and gravity readings came to an arrest, we pitched in a package of Wyeast...