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  1. SuckingStones

    Wow! I was impressed with my last Verdant Krausen!!!

    Thanks, @Elric. Just saw your ealier post on the bitter, too - looks like a similar situation. I'll check in on my brew later and see if there's been any change, and maybe try dopping the temp further. Agree that this yeast is a beast! Fun to work with, and I've enjoyed the flavour from the...
  2. SuckingStones

    Wow! I was impressed with my last Verdant Krausen!!!

    Just posted a similar experience over on Instagram - last week's brew with Verdant IPA has the densest, most persistent krausen I think I've experienced. Day 8 and still sitting there like a sponge cake on the beer. As I mentioned over on IG, I'm not sure how best to dry hop. Cooling down to...
  3. SuckingStones

    New brewboard/taplist app with social features

    Hi all, I've been working on a brewboard / taplist app since late last year. It started out as a quick project to scratch a personal itch - and grew to something a few of us have worked on since lockdown. It's now at the point where I think it might be interesting and useful for others. Hoping...
  4. SuckingStones

    Hop stopper, hop spider, some other device, or drop them loose

    Feel like I spend far too much of my free time thinking about this question! But I'm currently using a large hop bag (well, basically a small BIAB mesh bag) clipped to the side of the kettle, or a metal ruler across the top. And I make sure to get good flow inside and around the bag. The size...
  5. SuckingStones

    Beverage Hose Question

    I can second the love for the EVABarrier/Duotight combo. I've found it really easy to work with, trouble-free and sensibly priced.