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  1. moger777

    ball bearing material for dry hop weight?

    I bought what I thought was stainless steel ball bearings for dry hopping. Unfortunately the ball bearings have formed a dark gray corrosion on the outside. I was under the impression stainless steel does not corrode. It has a sulfury burnt smell to it. I will probably throw out the beer but...
  2. moger777

    fridge for kegerator?

    Hey guys, I was wondering what would make a good fridge for a kegerator. I tried doing a search but all the models listed seem to be discontinued. Every fridge I find at the store seems to have the stupid freezer thing in it. Any suggestions? Thijs
  3. moger777

    Utah Legalizes Homebrewing

    This may be old new, but at least it's good news. Beer Examiner: FINALLY - Utah legalizes home beer making
  4. moger777

    Wild brews supposed to smell a bit funky?

    So I'm brewing a sour brown using Roselare yeast. Generally I enjoy the smell of fermenting beer but right now my room smells a tad funky. Is this normal? I've never done a lambic or sour brown before.
  5. moger777

    Homebrewing on the rise in germany

    Home brewers could save Germany's sacred beer tradition - The Local Kinda cool to see history repeat itself. Homebrewers saved the US beer market from being nothing but BMC and hopefully it will keep Germany diverse in style. It will be interesting to see what breweries will pop up in the...
  6. moger777

    should I cultivate wild yeast?

    Hey guys, I was going to try making a sour brown. I was going to make a 7 gallon batch and put 5 gallons in a bucket with some WY3763 and open ferment the other 2 gallons so I can compare and contrast the wild yeast at my house with the stuff in Belgium. There was one thing I did not foresee...
  7. moger777

    Good yeast for sour brown?

    I had the pleasure of trying a sour brown this weekend from the monk cafe. I've had lambics before but thought they were too sour. I really enjoyed the brown ale though and wanna try one myself. I was thinking of splitting the batch in two and brewing one with a cultured lambic blend and the...
  8. moger777

    Talk about having to make a yeast starter..

    Ancient Yeast Reborn in Modern Beer : Discovery News :rockin::rockin::rockin::rockin:
  9. moger777

    how many bubbles should oxygen tank make?

    I bought an economy oxygen kit from northern brewer and picked up a small oxygen tank from the hardware store. When I hook up everything and turn the tank on I don't hear any hissing and cannot see any bubbles coming from the wort. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. moger777

    Question on mead ph

    Hey, I was poking around the mead wiki and was reading that just adding honey, water and yeast will not produce optimal ph. It does not really clarify what is optimal. I have never made a mead but bought a bottle today from the liquor store and am now determined to make my own but don't know...
  11. moger777

    will nylon bags melt?

    Just wondering if I have to worry about nylon bags melting if I use them for hop additions. I bought one for dry hopping and was wondering if it would be safe to use them for hops in the boil. Any help appreciated.
  12. moger777

    does irish moss effect gravity?

  13. moger777

    Muntons Marris Otter?

    How good is muntons marris otter? Are for that matter muntons in general. There prices seem to be pretty descent for a british beer.
  14. moger777

    checking gravity after beer carbonated

    I was wondering if you could check the gravity of beer after it's carbonated or if the bubbles would mess up your readings. Is there any way of correcting for carbonation. Any help appreciated.
  15. moger777

    New propane burner or new stand?

    So yesterday I brewed my second all grain batch. This time I used a bigger brew pot. The only problem is the brew pot was thicker than the turkey fryer pot so it did not fit in the burner. The pot is 14.6 inches in diameter (I'm not sure if outside or inside diameter) and I was wondering if it...
  16. moger777

    Propane Burner and Wind

    Don't know if this goes in this part of the forum or not but today it's going to rain all day so I'm postponing my brewing till tomorrow. The only problem is tomorrow there is going to be 25 mph winds most of the day. I don't know if it is save or not to use a propane burner in that level of...
  17. moger777

    Brew friendly politicians?

    Is there a good website for looking up local/national politicians and there stance on home brewing. I'm guessing most have a pretty neutral stance since home brewing does not exactly make the news. Constant vigilance is the cost of freedom though and from what we saw from that cops clip (you...
  18. moger777

    Sourness at end of keg

    So I've kegged two beers so far. Both times I noticed that the last few beers were particularly more sour than when they were first kegged. I keep my kegs refrigerated and clean and sanitize before adding the beer. I'm wondering if this is normal that the last few beers don't taste as well as...
  19. moger777

    Chlorine in mash/sparge water

    I was wondering if you had to worry about chlorine in mash and sparge water. I know the chlorine will be removed during the boil but I'm wondering if it reacts negatively with the grain before the boil. The tap water in my town tastes fine but I don't wanna take any chances.
  20. moger777

    toasting your own grains

    Anyone have any luck toasting there own grains? Seems like a good way to save money since specialty grains are a tad bit more than base grains. What types of grains have you tried it on?