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    Will bottles still carb under 70 degrees?

    Hi, I bottled my Delirium Tremens extract clone (10% abv) a week ago. I used just under a cup of corn sugar and 3/4 vial of WLP 570 at bottling. I have it in the warmest room in my house and it's at 66-67 degrees. Will it carb just as well there as at 70 degrees and just take a little longer or...
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    How much/what kind of yeast for bottling?

    Hi everyone, I brewed an extract Delirium Tremens clone 7 weeks ago and I'm going to be bottling Friday. It attenuated a bit more than I expected and it's a tad over 10%. I want it to be fairly effervescent so I want to reyeast to make sure it carbs properly. I used Belgian yeast. Can I get a...
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    Are there certain brands/types of extract that are known for better attenuation?

    I'm an extract brewer with barely enough time for an extract brew day so I have no desire to go all grain at this time. However, I would like to do everything I can to make the best extract beer I can make. One common problem I've notice on the boards is that many extract brewers have a problem...
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    How about some advice on a brew to do?

    I do 5 gallon extract batches and have one Belgian strong golden in bottles coming along nicely and a Delirium Tremens clone to be bottled in a couple of weeks. That's alot of Belgians plus about a case of commercial versions of dubbels, tripels and saisons on hand so I'd like to brew something...
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    Delirium Tremens extract clone - too much attenuation?

    Hi all. I brewed an extract with steeping grains recipe for a Delirium Tremens clone that I got on this forum. When I picked up the ingredients, I used a combination of LME and DME because the LHBS didn't have the total amount of either one and I ended up with an OG of 1.090 instead of the 1.084...
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    How will this temperature spike likely affect my brew?

    Hi guys and thanks for all the help previously. I brewed an extract Delirium Tremens clone and pitched onto 1/2 just racked off of yeast cake from a previous batch that fermented with Wyeast 1388 and I added a packet of Safale 04 because I read that the commercial DT is made with that also. I...
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    ISO: Pliny, Dreadnaught, Zombie Dust

    Hi, those are my 3 favorites and I can't get them in south central PA. Was even thinking about taking a drive to Indy just to get some Dreadnaught and Zombie Dust. I'd love to get as much of any of these as I can. I have Troeg's, Victory, Dogfish Head, Ommegang readily available here. Please let...
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    Pitched right on yeast cake and no sign of fermentation

    Hi guys, yesterday I brewed an extract with steeping grains Delirium Tremens clone and wanted to pitch right onto the yeast cake of a Belgian strong golden ale that I bottled at the same time I brewed the DT clone. After reading the thread started by Bob about not pitching right onto the yeast...
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    Are grains of paradise necessary in my Delirium Tremens clone?

    Hi guys, I'm brewing a Delirium Tremens clone tomorrow night and the recipe calls for 1/2 tsp. of grains of paradise in the last 4 minutes of the boil. I haven't been able to locate the spice and probably won't have time by tomorrow night? Is that really a necessary ingredient? I don't want to...
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    How long does a yeast cake stay fresh and good?

    I'm going to brew a Delirium Tremens extract clone tomorrow night and I'm going to rack the wort right onto a yeast cake from a beer I've got in primary right now. If I bottle that beer tonight, will the yeast cake still be good by tomorrow night or would it be better to wait and bottle...
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    How to determine length of primary?

    Hi all, I've read the debate about whether or not to use a secondary fermentation and, thanks mainly to Revvy, I've decided just to use a longer primary and then bottle. Now I wonder how long I should let my beer sit in the primary before bottling. I'm fermenting the NB Belgian strong golden ale...
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    How long does beer stay fresh in a growler?

    Hi, simple question. I'm going to a party Sunday and want to take a couple of growlers of some good stuff from a local beer bar and am just wondering if I pick it up on Friday and use my ceramic flip top growlers, will it still be real fresh tasting and well carbed by Sunday afternoon?
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    Will Duvel clone ferment properly without the lagering step?

    Hi all, I'd like to brew an extract clone of Duvel or Delirium Tremens and I know they lager the beer for a few weeks after the primary fermentation. I have no way of getting and keeping the beer at that temperature so my question is, Can I still brew the clone and just ferment like I normally...
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    Does anyone have an extract with grains recipe for Corsendonk Chritmas ale?

    Hi, I'd like to brew this beer for winter and if someone has an extract with steeping grains recipe, I'd love to try it. Thanks.
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    Will my fermentation need help to get to FG?

    Hi, my NB Belgain strong golden extract has been fermenting now for 9 days. OG was 1.08 and I didn't make a starter but pitched 2 inflated packs of Wyeast 1388 and 1 vial of fresh WLP545. I aerated and pitched at 70 degrees and it's been fermenting at around 70-72. Had around 2 inches of krausen...
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    Hops at flameout instead of dry hopping?

    Hi, I'm planning on doing an extract 3Floyd's Zombie Dust clone for a friends party in September and it calls for dry hopping naturally but I don't have time to do that and have it carb in the bottles by party time. If I put the extra Citra hops in at flameout instead of dryhopping, could I...
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    Beer recommendation for pitching right on a yeast cake?

    Hi guys, I'm fermenting an extract Belgian strong golden ale right now that will be in primary for another 5 weeks or so and am contemplating my next batch. I'm planning on pitching right onto the yeast cake I have now and would like advice on what beer may ferment best. I know I'll get advice...
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    Is a lengthy fermentation really necessary?

    Hi guys, I have a NB Belgian strong golden ale from extract kit fermenting right now. The instructions from the kit call for 2-4 weeks in primary and 2-3 months in secondary. I don't secondary so the complete fermenting/conditioning will take place in my primary. Is that long a time really...
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    Should fermentation be slowing down already?

    Hi, I brewed a NB Belgian strong golden extract Wed afternoon with OG of 1.08. At 4:30, I pitched 2 smack packs of Wyeast 1388 and 1 vial of WLP545 with wort at 70 degrees and put in my basement with ambient temp. of 70 degrees. Next morning, there was a nice 2 inch krausen and the fermometer...
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    Using different yeasts together

    Hi, this is a follow up to an earlier question. I brewed yesterday and didn't have time to make a starter. It was an extract NB Belgian strong golden ale with OG of 1.080. I had Wyeast 1388 which was recommended and after getting advice here that White Labs WLP570 is the same strain, I went to...