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  1. PT Ray

    Looking to get back into extract brewing for the time being

    Mini mash. I made a mash tun out of a 2 gallon cooler that has worked for up to 5 pounds of grain. Typically the grain bill for a mini mash is 2-4 pounds. I'll use this to make about a 2.5 gallon, hour boil with hop additions. That gets added to the bucket with all the extract, mix, top off...
  2. PT Ray

    5 World of Beer franchises coming to Alabama

    I was helping there (Birmingham Brewing Co.) when Steve Betts was brewmaster. From there I went and helped at Southside Cellars as "cellar master" when it first got started. I remember talking to Brad about a full time position when BBC sold and renamed as Little Star(?). The brewery just...
  3. PT Ray

    Canned extract hard to find?

    I understand that and feel that's why prehopped kits are great. If I gave the impression otherwise that isn't the case. I've made plenty of good beer with Coopers and just some additional extract. No steep this and boil that attempting to improve it. Defeats the simplicity.
  4. PT Ray

    Canned extract hard to find?

    AHS has a good selection of Coopers including Irish Stout in stock. In my opinion, the popularity of prehopped kits has been steadily declining in the States over the past 25 years. As a result, they weren't being stocked to previous levels. I'd also mention imported extract in general isn't...
  5. PT Ray


    I've been using quat to sanitize my brew equipment for years despite reading the alleged impact. I'm not going to tell you they're baseless but may have to do with the user. Looking back, using it sparingly it had a minimal impact. Too strong and it may explain a fizzy head and an astringent...
  6. PT Ray

    Belgian Tripel

    Second the use of Pilsner extract. I don't find caramel malt (cara 8) appropriate for a tripel. Wouldn't waste the dime on candi, cane sugar has worked for me. The style depends a lot on the yeast so choose wisely.
  7. PT Ray

    i got brewfarm abdij 4 cans and need help

    It's prehopped, don't have to add any. From what I could find, it requires 500 grams of sugar to yield 9 liters at a 1.070 OG. I find that to be a modest gravity but if I did want to bump it up slightly I'd make it an 8 liter batch. If you have 4 kits I'd make two 16-18 liter double batches.
  8. PT Ray

    How many ounces of fresh Basil would you put in an IPA?

    FWIW I did a couple fresh herb wheats several years back. One I added .4 oz of fresh sage which turned out well. Another was .3 oz total of fresh parsley, rosemary and sage with two hot peppers. Don't really remember how well it turned out but would remember if was bad. The only herb I have...
  9. PT Ray

    Where am I off here on my PBG, OG, readings

    Precisely! Good catch.
  10. PT Ray

    Undissolved Sugar Solids at the bottom of the hard cider? Airlocks question? Newbie. Pic attached.

    I figure around 12.5-13.5% abv. Apple juice at 1.050, cane sugar 1.046 per pound per gallon yielding a 1.1075 starting gravity. For finishing gravity I'm feeling that a 1.005 is in the ballpark. This yields a 13.45% abv which I think is a best case scenario. Minimum, 12.5% range.
  11. PT Ray

    Undissolved Sugar Solids at the bottom of the hard cider? Airlocks question? Newbie. Pic attached.

    I'd be really surprised if the sugar on the bottom doesn't get converted / dissolved before too long. It's not ideal but nothing the yeast shouldn't be able to handle with too much delay. You wanting to add juice prior to bottling is called back sweetening. Traditionally you'd add...
  12. PT Ray

    English Pale Ale

    The only current offering I can find to use where Jamil calls for English Pale Ale LME is Briess Pale Ale and feel it should do just fine without compromise. Not to be confused with their Pale.
  13. PT Ray

    Flaked Oats.... Flavor and mouthful it imparts?

    In that case I would say yes there will be a detectable difference. I can pick up a slight viscous, earthiness at 10%. If I thought I could get away with using 20% without a stuck mash I would jump on it. I've heard several on here say they manage just fine...
  14. PT Ray

    Flaked Oats.... Flavor and mouthful it imparts?

    If they're just going to be steeped, that's a lot. If this is the case I would keep it under a pound.
  15. PT Ray

    american wheat ale at low temps?

    I've done them as lagers which is per style guidelines. Don't know that it would place in a contest as it's not how you would commonly find it. I would say an ale yeast at cooler temps is more accurate.
  16. PT Ray

    cider not very appley

    You'll need to back sweeten. When fermentation is complete I'll stabilize and then add 2 cans of apple juice concentrate. I little acid blend doesn't hurt either.
  17. PT Ray

    Cider reached temps of 60f after yeast pitch what should i do?

    I wouldn't have cooked them. Traditionally you add sulfites to the must if you don't want the natural yeast to take hold.
  18. PT Ray

    Brown Ale

    5 Gallons 6.6 lbs pale liquid extract .3-.75lbs chocolate malt .5 -1.0 lbs crystal malt 1 ounce of any American or English hop, in the 5% AA range. 60 minutes Yeast - All the basics will work (Nottingham, Windsor, US-04 and 05). Chocolate malt comes in coffee, pale or regular chocolate roast...
  19. PT Ray

    Coopers Lager Kit

    If you're going to add sage/juniper your safest bet is to leave out any additional hops.
  20. PT Ray

    Useless oats!

    Steeping oats is not ideal but that doesn't stop it from being a common practice that many brewers are o.k. with. What it contributes when steeped is a subject of debate. In this case, you're talking about a half pound. You're fine.