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  1. NateBodnar

    Bottle Sulfur Smell After Tasting Fine

    Bottled up some basic dry cider that had been aging for 3 months. I had about 3 gallons of it aging in different 1 gallon jugs. Tasted great after a couple weeks of carbonating. Cold crashed them in my cider fridge at 37-42 degrees F once they got to desired carbination. I drank about a half of...
  2. NateBodnar

    Temp Controller for Keezer Question - Plug and Play vs Replacing Original Controller

    Hey everyone! Sorry if this question has come up before and I missed it, feel free to drop a link if you have an old post that will save everyone else some time. Very new to the idea of building a keezer. From researching a bit it looks like there are two options for temp controllers for...
  3. NateBodnar

    Advice on Fixing Sour/Acidic Cider

    I just took a 5 gallon batch off primary and it is extremely sour. Batch is completely fermented out dry 0.998 with S04 yeast. Has a very yellow color compared to my previous batches. See picture attached. I have done some research on reasoning, and found that it was probably the juice had a...
  4. NateBodnar

    Transporting Cold Stored Cider

    I am headed to visit some friends this weekend and want to bring my cider blend (fermented cider, with added sweet cider). My goal is to bottle, let carb for a day or so, and then cold crash/store them in the fridge to have the yeast go dormant. Trying not to use sorbate, etc. Drive is...
  5. NateBodnar

    Gelatin for Clearing

    I am trying to clear a 1 gallon test batch of dry cider that has been cold crashing in a secondary jug for 9 days now. It did drop some yeast but the cider is very far from clear. Read using gelatin works for clearing up cider and beer. Does anyone have a step by step approach to adding...
  6. NateBodnar

    Cider clearness, Reducing Oxidation and Stopping Fermentation

    I have a batch of cider that finished fermenting dry (0.997 SG) using Safcider yeast, racked off the yeast in to a new jug after 7 days in primary, and instantly went in the fridge to cold crash. Goal: Split my batch into two and have half become a semi-sweet cider by blending with fresh sweet...
  7. NateBodnar

    Cold Crashing Dry Cider and then Carbonating?

    I have a few questions about cold crashing I was hoping people could help me with. I have my dry cider, 0.997 when I racked to secondary, that I’m ready to bottle in a few days after sitting in secondary for a month conditioning. 1. If I cold crash dry cider before bottling will there be...
  8. NateBodnar

    Flavoring Questions for Cider

    Hi all! I currently have my first 3, 1 gallon batches in secondary. Looking to flavor at least once of these gallons as a cranberry cider. After doing some light reading on older flavoring posts I had some questions about the different methods on adding flavoring to ciders. Trying to compile...