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  1. PT Ray

    Home Smoked Rauch Malt

    Bought a 55# bag of Munich the other day to do some Bocks and just some lagers in general. Being partial to a classic Rauch thought I would smoke some of the Munich. All I have is a gas grill but figured there had to be a way to make it work. Wound up taking a can, drilling holes towards...
  2. PT Ray

    Copper Manifold

    Got hold of another 5 gallon beverage cooler so I could have two mashes going at once. Since the manifold in the first one has served me well I didn't see the need to change the design. I did however sweat the first one together and was not going to do that. I throw out the idea of using...
  3. PT Ray

    Temp Control For Chest Freezer

    Got hold hold of a scratch-n-dent freezer the other week to add to the herd. This one I decided to fabricate a digital temp controller. My work started with the RiteTemp 6020 digital t-stat in part due to the info found on the DIY temp controller build thread. So went to Depot and picked up...
  4. PT Ray

    Yeast Starter w/ Sugar

    Does anyone have experience making a yeast starter with table sugar and yeast nutrients? One of the conerns is if the yeast nutrients breakdown with heat, prevention me from boiling the starter before adding yeast. I figure there has to be an issue being overlooked otherwise it would be the...
  5. PT Ray

    Malty Sweet verses Caramel Sweet

    Something I have been attempting to isolate is malty sweet and caramel sweet. I have been mainly brewing without any crystal malts to help define the difference that mash temps have on sweetness just from base malts. Pushing the higher temps, it turns to a cloying level along the lines of...
  6. PT Ray

    11 year old Wyeast

    Mainly for giggles, last night I smacked a Wyeast packet that had been sitting in my fridge since 1995. Not banking on getting any activity but figured it's worth a shot.
  7. PT Ray

    Impulsive Wheat

    I brewed a German wheat Thurs. night. with 2/3 wheat, 1/3 pils malt. No problems except I have normally been getting 87% efficiency and it dropped to 81%. While at work today I figured since my 3 year old is out of the house this weekend I would take advantage of the free time and brew another...
  8. PT Ray


    There has been posts regarding some alternate sanitizing solutions and just had to add post todays findings. Part of my job has to do with safe storage of pool chems. A box of Aqua Chems Algaecide 10% caught my attention because the box was labled as a reactive product. This was odd since I...
  9. PT Ray

    Munich Verses Mild Ale Malt

    According to Randy Mosher munich is a good substitute for mild ale malt. Being this is what I have on hand I will brewing brewing an English mild using munich malt. I am curious to hear any feedback in regards to the final product using munich as a base malt for an English ale.
  10. PT Ray


    Yesterday I finally took the dive and brewed a bock, well a weizenbock. This was somewhat of a bench mark test for my system, giving me an idea the max amount of grain I can work with and the expected gravities. The mash was a double decoction and the boil was 2.25hours to go from 6.25 gallons...
  11. PT Ray

    Wyeast German ale or Kolsch yeast

    I am going to be brewing some kolshes and alts and really want to use the same strain of yeast for simplicity. I am looking for opinions/experience with Wyeasts Kolsch or German ale.
  12. PT Ray

    Munich Dunkel or Schwarzbier

    I am trying to formulate my next lager recipe using up some odds and ends grains I have on hand. I was shooting for a Munich Dunkel but was not sure if the chocolate rye would offer a roasted flavor closer to a Schwarzbier. So I will throw out the grain bill for opinions. 7# Munich 2#...
  13. PT Ray

    Milling wheat malt

    In past brews using wheat, I milled using a corona mill and have it set to break the kernals into about thirds. After looking at my spent grains, they appear unchanged and I question how much they added to the mash. I started thinking since wheat has no husk to offer, could it be milled to...
  14. PT Ray

    Filtered My Rauchbier

    I just got done filtering for the first time, a Rauch. I procured an old water filter from my folks a few weeks back. I shopped for a replacement cartridge and settled on a 5 micron from the local big box hardware store. The purchase also included the fittings to enable me to just screw my...
  15. PT Ray

    Holiday Spruce Beer

    Just bottled my Spruce beer after lagering for 3 months. I had to overcome a couple snafu's but I am pleased. Recipe was based on an Octoberfest profile with the addition of some chocolate malt. The spruce is upfront but not overpowering followed with some chocolate notes and finishes...
  16. PT Ray


    I attempted a rauchbier back in Sept. using 2lbs smoked malt for a 6 gallon batch. It was not as intense as I wanted so I went all out and brewed another last night. 10lbs German Smoked 2lbs Munich 1lbs Dark Munich 8oz Dark German crystal 8oz Light German crystal...
  17. PT Ray


    I was pondering of a cheap/easy way to add fruit flavoring to a wheat beer and came up with unsweetened Kool-Aid. When I get done with my lager sessions I will be hitting the wheat and wanted to see what opinions were out there regarding this concept.