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  1. Natdavis777

    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    My Co-worker gave me a card of an Apps specialist who was recommending jobs for his company (a fortune 100). My buddy gave me his card, as, to him, was best qualified and knew the software more than anyone. So I applied. Come to find out he applied as well, yet asks me software questions and...
  2. Natdavis777

    Must see YouTube Clips

    Anything Donny Baker...
  3. Natdavis777

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Gonna shoot for Korean Beef Tacos Manana... Marinate the beef in the usually, but will mince some kimchi to add. Grill, then add some chopped cabbage with a celantro-lime cream... Pics to follow. This will be a first adventure.
  4. Natdavis777

    What are you drinking now?

    Sampling beers that will be submitted to the Brewers Cup this weekend to see how they taste. Comparing notes with the new guidelines. Maibock is up first... Followed by cream ale, Hefe, Pale ale, Zombie Dust (sending it as an IPA) then some Pliney for the DIPA.... Tedious work. Someone must do it
  5. Natdavis777

    Brewometer kickstarter thoughts - digital bluetooth hydrometer

    Mine is ordered. I am anxious to use it in the next brew.
  6. Natdavis777

    Brewery and Growlers

    I know some breweries that will do this. Others will just slap their logo sticker on the growler if it isnt one from their brewery.
  7. Natdavis777

    Most annoying response when you tell someone you're a homebrewer?

    I dont think I have ever had an annoying response. Most people seem intrigued when they find out.
  8. Natdavis777

    Cleaning new faucets, lines, etc.

    I run a caustic beer line cleaner through my lines/taps and let it sit in the lines for 15-20 min. Follow with water and then starsan.
  9. Natdavis777

    Anyone dry-hopping in primary? Would you share your process?

    I exclusively dryhop in my primary. I use glass carboys. Once my krausen starts to fall, I ramp my temp up to 68-70F. One the krausen is gone (yeast dependent, 001 take a few days longer than 002) I add my dry hop additions and let sit for however long I want to dryhop (usually 5-7 days). I...
  10. Natdavis777

    How many ppm of sufate for a hoppy ipa

    Given mash pH is correct and other mineral levels arent out of range, I shoot for 150-250ppm sulfate. I like to experiment as well. Most of my IPA/DIPA are 200-250ppm sulfate and 25-50ppm Cl. My Pale I have on tap now, I just went with 150ppm sulfate and didnt add any Cl (so it was around...
  11. Natdavis777

    Black IPA

    This is what I do as well. I add some carafa special 3 after the mashout and while I am vourloufing the MLT. I will recirculate for 15 min the runoff into the kettle. It usually results in color contribution only with very little roasted flavor noted in the beer. I would like to try some...
  12. Natdavis777

    Where are you at INDIANA

    I got a public intox in Rensselaer when I was in college (18 at the time). Havent been back since...
  13. Natdavis777


    Not even 5 months.... Look at those ears! Shes helping with a Kolsch tomorrow
  14. Natdavis777

    Anyone buy a sanke to ball lock conversion kit?

    Are your lines to length? If so, are they dipping down then back up to the tap? I know my beers poured foamey when I let the lines just hang. So I coiled/taped them and issue was resolved.
  15. Natdavis777

    What bulk grains...

    If ou got a 50lb bag of victory, I wouldnt judge :mug:
  16. Natdavis777

    Craft Beer distribution will soon be a thing of the past...

    I feel the people who "wont notice" arent the real customers. I went to 3 different shops just to find my wife some decent lambics/ berliners... I looked around each store and nothing jumped at me. I know what the big guys push, and I know what the little guys push. I wish I could find the...
  17. Natdavis777

    What bulk grains...

    Id go with Pale malt, Maybe some German Base, your fav crystal, wheat, and a specialty like victory. For that drive, I make sure I drove there with intention. If you want to hoard grains, get all that will satisfy you needs. For pale beers, Pale malt, (I like some German Munich) wheat, and...
  18. Natdavis777

    What are you doing instead of brewing this weekend?

    Im brewing this weekend... But Ive spent the last 20 min taking apart and rebuilding a BCG for time. With the Cubs in the background, that is how I am spending my Fri night
  19. Natdavis777

    What are you drinking now?

    Lizard King
  20. Natdavis777

    Craft Beer distribution will soon be a thing of the past...

    Its like the small baker who has ready to make cake mix but cant compete with the big guys in Walmart or Korgers (bc big corp owns shelf space) . There are other outlets to not only sell but be successful. Craft beer is the same. They have a bug in their butt Inbev, MillerCoors) or else they...