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    ice wand wort chiller

    If one was interested in buying a container like that, where would be the best place to get one? Restaurant supply? I am thinking not even for beer reasons, but to actually chill hot soups and stuff. Let us know how it works.
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    Thermometer for AG = lots of (easy) questions - feedback needed

    Another plug for thermapen. I have used taylor and other instant type thermo's and while nice, just don't measure to the thermapen. Plus that thing is great for general kitchen use if you cook a lot.
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    Road Trip brewery visits

    I have never been, but have heard really great things about , in pleasantville ny. Seems like an pretty cool spot.
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    krausen fell after 4 days?

    Don't fret over the krausen. Before letting it sit for 3 weeks, I would check the gravity real quick so you know where the beer is actually at. The beer is most likely done fermenting or in final stages. You pitched an 11.5g bag of us05 on a 3 gallon batch of beer, which according to the...
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    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    username: ianofatx
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    Attenuation problems

    the amount of yeast you are pitching from a 11.5 gram packet of dry yeast is more (roughly twice I think) than what you are pitching from an activator pack (or whitelabs vial). use the yeast pitch rate calculator on to know how much yeast to pitch. EDIT:wow, missed the conversation...
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    How many Extract batches before All Grain

    I brewed probably 4 partial mash kits in the span of 2 months (or extract with steeping grain) then moved to all grain. I figured for a tiny bit more equipment cost (a cooler and manifold, already was using a turkey fryer and full boil) I could get the full experience.
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    Crystal Malt Opinions

    I like crystal malt in all of its forms, although there are a lot of people that use too much or lean on them as a crutch. Just like a lot of things, when used properly they are great.
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    Help me make my IPA better

    The fuggles dry hop is a bit odd, especially after all of the more american ipa style hop additions during the brew. Is there anything that you are looking for? A flavor that is lacking or something you don't want to taste? If it were me, I would simplify the someone else...
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    Yeast for Porter

    I would probably do the same thing with the 1968.
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    Yeast for Porter

    Either would work really well. 1968 usually will have less attenuation and leave you with a sweeter/maltier beer, which (to me) can be good in porters. Also will have some fruity esters depending on how hot/cold you ferment. 1272 would be equally good, won't dry out the beer like 1056, so you...
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    Crazy, thick-ass yeast sludge on top of beer

    Don't believe the hype, beer can stay in primary for longer than 2/3 weeks without issue. A lot of people around here do not use secondary, leave the beer in primary for 4 or so weeks and keg/bottle from there. Usually the only time I secondary is if I plan on dry hopping or I need to free up...
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    High Attenuation

    Bump up your mash temps and also verify that the thermometer you're using is accurate. Also verify that the mash tun you have maintains the temp and isn't losing temp (Especially with lower grainbill brews that may not have quite the thermal mass).
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    Black Friday Brewing Deals from our Vendors

    I bought a 2 keg setup from and one of the kegs would not hold pressure (even hitting it with 40psi, wouldn't seat)...turned out the opening was pretty mangled. I sent them an email about the situation and without hesitation they shipped another keg (sans lid) out. Great...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Doing 2 brews at the same time on Saturday... 5 gallon of barley wine 5 gallon of all brett pale ale
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    Best brewing Christmas present under $30

    What about brewing books? I have received a few as gifts and really enjoyed them. Especially Radical Brewing and the Belgian beer books (farmhouse ales/wild brews/brew like a monk).
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    intro to sour beers?

    Telling someone to get cantillion gueuze or lindemans cuvee rene as an intro to sour is a sure way to turn them off. To me those beers are definition of acquired taste. I love those beers, but only appreciated them after working my way through milder sours. I recently had someone who swears...
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    Home Brewing in Italy??

    In the Trastevere area of Rome there is a beer bar that serves what looks like good food, called bir & fud. When I was in Rome a year or so ago, I stopped there and had some really good Italian craft beer. They had taps and casks..good stuff. There is also a bar across the street that has...
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    Waco Breweries?

    Don't know about brewpubs, but the Dancing Bear is supposed to be a solid pub/beer bar. I personally have not been, but have heard good things.
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    Do they still make Noche Buena?

    Only time I have seen this beer recently (as in the past 3 years or so) was when someone brought some up from Mexico, or border area Texas. Perhaps other parts of the US get it?