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    Star San Suck Back Post Fermentation

    I screwed up. I was worried about getting oxidizing my beer during the transfer to my keg so I kept the lid on my stainless steel fermenter and I left the blowoff tube connected and in about a 1/2 gallon of star san and water solution. Well I just opened up the spigot and let the beer drain...
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    Imperial Rye Brown

    I'm planning to brew an imperial rye brown and have it age over some wood and rye whiskey... but I've never used rye before. I like browns but they are sweet so I thought I could temper the sweetness by adding rye. The recipe is based on a pretty successful brown I brewed before: 7# MO 7#...
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    My Imperial Stout isn't carbing

    I brewed an imperial stout (9.5%) 2/26/17, transferred to secondary 4/1/17 over oak and bourbon and bottled 6/22/17. As of yesterday 9/10/17... it's still not carbed. Not even a hint of carbonation. My LHBS recommended rebottling with dry yeast (CBC yeast?). I bottled and added my priming...
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    Second Year Centennial and Cascade

    I have never harvested any cones from my plants. Last year they produced ten cones... combined. This year will be a bounty. My Centennials look very close to ready and my Cascades look maybe a week behind them. My question is that my bines are still forming new cones as well as have many...
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    Soaking oak cubes

    Right now I'm soaking oak cubes in Whistle Pig whiskey but I was wondering if i can add like an oz of maple syrup to the soak mixture too... or could that contaminate it? I figure the whiskey would kill any infection off but I wanted to check.
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    Feedback on an imperial stout recipe

    I was planning on making a split batch Imperial Stout. Half with bourbon soaked oak cubes and the other with just oak cubes. 1 oz oak to 2.5 Gal. I have made an imperial brown before but not a stout so I was thinking of the recipe below – All feedback is welcome! Dark Side of the Moon...
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    How can I increase efficiency?

    I am having problems with my efficiency and I just don’t understand why. I have ready about mashing and efficiency but I guess I’m just not understanding what I am doing wrong. Don’t get me wrong, my beer is tasting great but I’m adjusting my grain bill for an expected 63-68% efficiency. I...
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    Sharing my dumbass mess up

    Well… I messed up but I’m pretty sure my beer is okay. I did a full mashed and when I was cleaning the grain from my tun, I found a rag under my mash tun! Ugh! Here is what happened: When I brew, I always clean immediately. I just have too. I don’t like leaving things around and my...
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    Oatmeal Brown

    Hi Everyone, I just brewed an Oatmeal Brown 9/15, 5.25 gallon batch, ~5.9% ABV. I'm planning on splitting the batch. Bottling half in a couple of weeks and aging the other half over some oak (2-3 months) and add some whole coffee beans the last few days for an Oaked Coffee Oatmeal Brown...
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    Oxidized or Infection?

    I brewed this IPA 7/7 bottled at the end of the month, maybe 7/21 or 7/28... I don't remember. I have noticed that the last couple of beers I have bottled, both IPAs, darkened considerably after just a couple of months. My bottling process is simple and clean. I clean and sanitize...
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    Oak flavor question

    I brewed a brown ale (pretty stout-like) aged 3 months with oak cubes in February and bottled it in May. I like it a lot but I found that some bottles have more oak flavor and aroma than others, I mean a huge difference in intensity. It’s funny, I opened a bottle 2 weeks ago and it was...
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    Looking for grain bill feedback on a red ale

    Hi All, I'm thinking about brewing up an american-style red ale in the next month or so. Please offer any feedback or ideas that would boost this red ale grain bill. I plan on using citra, centennial and amarillo as a hop combo. # grain 5 Golden Promise 5 2-row .5...
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    My Kegerator just crapped out with a keg in it.

    My kegerator just crapped out with a keg in it carbing up. Inside the "fridge/kegerator" it's maybe 70-80 degrees now. Anyone have any advice on how to keep this sucker cool so it can carb up while I get a new one shipped which could take a week or so? I use standard refurbished ball lock kegs.
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    Bottling a beer aged for 2 1/2 months

    I'm going to bottle a beer that has been aging in secondary for 2 1/2 months now (Oak Aged American Brown) - I don't need to add yeast and I'll be fine with the 4 oz of priming sugar right? I see some people add yeast after aging but I just don't know when you add it and when you don't...
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    Thinking about trying a new hop combo

    Hi All, I was thinking of playing with a hop combo for an IPA of Citra, Chinook and Belma. I use a pretty strait forward hop schedule - @ 60 CTZ (I really like this as a bittering hop) 1 oz @10 Citra 1/Chinook 1 @FO Citra 1/Chinook 1/Belma - 2 @DH Belma 2/Citra 2/ Chinook 1 fruity...
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    Need to fix busted coolant line

    Does anyone know a refrigerator repair guy/company that can fix a busted coolant line? I live in MA, south shore. I can bring fridge to guy/company if need be. I know, I know, it's expensive not worth it but I need to get this one fixed so if anyone has EVER done this please let me know...
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    White streaks on the side of the carboy

    I made a Brown 2 weeks ago, it fermented well for the first 3 days and I think it's probably doing fine still. I am surprised by the krausen still at the top of it (yeast was Wyeast 1318)... Also, today I noticed white streaks on the side of the carboy, which looks like fat and I'm curious if...
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    Need Advice/Help on Where To Drill For A Tap Tower

    Hi All, I just bought a built-in refrigerator that I plan to convert into a kegerator - Avallon AFR151. I have checked the manual, called the company (made by Edgestar) and I have no definitive answer on whether there are coolant lines on the top or not. I unscrewed the temp control and it...
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    Oak Aged Brown recipe question

    I’ve been thinking about aging a Brown Ale and have developed a base recipe that I hope to brew in Feb (when I have time). 5.5 gallon batch 7 gallon boil ~OG 1.065 ~FG 1.016 ~ABV 6.40 ~SRM 22.80 % 37.5% MO 4.5# 37.5% 2-row 4.5# 6%...
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    Buying a kegerator but I'm overwhelmed on what I need

    I’m new to brewing. I just started this year and I now have 5 brews under my belt, all bottled, and I recently got the thumbs up to keg from my lovely wife. We are planning on having a cabinet built with a countertop against a wall that will hold a skinny wine fridge, a beer fridge and now a...