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  1. stikks

    My neighbor just crashed his car into my house

    About an hour ago it happened.I`ve never dealt with this before. I`m wondering if anybody has experience with this,as to how to deal with it.The guy lives down the street and the cops took him away.I was in bed but now I`m having a homebrew.Any thoughts or advice appreciated. :(
  2. stikks

    efficiency issues

    To all beginning brewers. I`ve been brewing 12 years and by no means know it all.I learned a very valuable lesson today.Started off like most people with extract kits and over the years now do nothing but all grain .I`ve managed to finally put a 3 tier 10 gallon gravity set up...
  3. stikks

    Thought`s on my St.Paddy`s brewday

    To any HBT vets out there,I`m brewing saturday,a Nut Brown Ale.LHBS were out EKG so I went with Bramling Cross for first addition.I`m wondering if these hops will sub for EKG.I also bought some Williamette as a backup.Here is the recipe.Any feedback or comments will be greatly appreciated...
  4. stikks

    question about F.G.

    Hi all,I recently ventured in to all grain.I have a question.It has been 13 days since brewing this and my hydro has read 1.023 for the last 5 days. Is this done fermenting,my brew log say`s it should finish at 1.019.- any thoughts appreciated- thanks...