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  1. GNBrews

    Question about powdered enzymes

    If powdered enzyme is used, do the same reaction kinetics happen via temperature? IE. Would mashing at 156F with powdered enzymes produce a fuller bodied beer than mashing at 148F? Or, does the powder just produce a highly fermentable wort no matter what as long as it's not denatured (170F+).
  2. GNBrews

    Force carbonation with March Pump?

    I was looking at a Blichmann Quickcarb the other day and comparing its function to a soda machine carbonator. Assuming you've got a carbonator lid with stone or have somehow otherwise plumbed an auxiliary CO2 connection into the lid to provide continuous pressurized CO2 in the headspace...
  3. GNBrews

    Who currently makes the best bulkhead kit for Rubbermaid coolers?

    I've got one of the old homemade, stainless coupler, stainless nipple, teflon tape, washer, o-ring, ball-valve on the outside affairs, that's recently started leaking. The problem seems to be that the insulation between the inside and outside layers of the cooler yields too much during the...
  4. GNBrews

    Neat kettle lid
  5. GNBrews

    WTB - 1/4BBL Sanke Keg "pony" or slim

    I'm looking for a 1/4BBL keg to use for pressurized fermentation of 5.5-6gal batches.
  6. GNBrews

    Fix pinhole in aluminum boil kettle

    Hi guys, I was recently sanitizing one of my 30qt boil kettles, and noticed a creeping puddle on the counter coming from underneath it. I lifted it up to find a pinhole leak, caused by god knows what...probably an oxiclean crystal remaining in that one spot too long or some other nonsense...
  7. GNBrews

    Siphoning carbonated beer

    I recently tried the closed-system pressurized fermentation technique outlined in this thread. I didn't have a Sanke keg big enough to ferment my 5.5gal batch, so I instead split the batch between two cornies and tee'd the spunding valve to both. My problem comes in that there is a yeast cake...
  8. GNBrews

    Brewer's Best - Pumpkin Spice Porter question

    A friend of mine picked-up this kit from the LHBS for me to help him brew this next weekend. I downloaded the kit instructions here and am questioning how they get their starting gravity numbers and IBU from the kit contents. I ran the recipe through BeerSmith to both archive it and look at...
  9. GNBrews

    Safale US-05...200B cells/pkt?

    I've used liquid yeast and 1liter starters for almost all of my previous brews over the years (~30 I'd guess), but due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm going to brew this weekend and use dry US-05. I'm brewing an ale with an O.G. of approx 1.060, which according to Mr. Malty requires...
  10. GNBrews Has anyone ordered from this company before? I see that they own *many* different domains/storefronts and seem to be owned by a "Holdings" company, which makes me a bit suspicious. They've got a grill part that I need, for about 30% less than anyone else...
  11. GNBrews

    Company selling banjo burner stand w/out burner?

    A while back, I purchased a stand-alone Banjo burner to use in a brew sculpture. The brew sculpture project has been put on hold, but I'd like to use the burner in the meantime. Do any of you know of a company that sells just the stand portion of the KAB4 or KAB5, or something compatible?
  12. GNBrews

    Legal question: Taking a commercial beer and altering

    A local bar has a surplus of a generic wheat beer that isn't selling. What would be the legal ramifications of dumping 5gal worth into a carboy, spicing it up with coriander and some bitter orange peel, recarbing, and reselling it as something people might be interested in drinking? I'm...
  13. GNBrews

    Jars leaking inside pressure cooker

    When pressure cooking my jars of starter wort, I'm having trouble with the jars leaking part of their contents into the water meant for steam generation. The problem ends up being that the jars become covered in a cooked-on wort solution, and the inside the cooker needs to be cleaned more-so...
  14. GNBrews

    Any reason to use malt extract instead of other sugar for yeast starters?

    If I plan to crash cool and pitch only the yeast cake from a starter, is there any significant reason why I can't use a fermentable sugar other than malt extract? For example, corn syrup or dextrose? With the price of extracts being so high lately, I'd rather spend the money on my grain bill.
  15. GNBrews

    Stir bar went bad...can I re-magnetize it?

    Hi Guys, My stir plate (commercial, Thermolyne) has started to throw my stir bar at quite low RPM. At first I thought there was something wrong with the magnets attached to the motor shaft in the stir plate, but then I started to suspect the magnet inside the bar. It used to stick solidly to...
  16. GNBrews

    Yeast samples to Canada

    Hi fellas. Have any of you successfully sent yeast samples (in bottles) across the border to Canada? If so, what sort of packaging was necessary? I've got a very interested brewing buddy up in Winnipeg that would appreciate a few samples of my 1056 strain. PM's are OK too if this is a subject...
  17. GNBrews

    Looking for inexpensive RTD sensor

    Anyone have leads on a source for inexpensive RTD's?
  18. GNBrews

    SPA Heater manifold for HEX ?

    Have any of you fellas ever used one of those "Flo Thru Manifold" assemblies used for heating spas? I've seen them with 4KW (@240V, 1000W @120V) and 5.5KW (@240V, 1375W @120V) heating elements installed. It would seem to be the perfect pre-assembled HEX. They can be found on eBay for less...
  19. GNBrews

    The cat tower of hop-head joy

    These were posted on Reddit earlier today. Awesome! ...the Miller Chill is a bit out of place. Hopefully he had some chicks over. ;)