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    Issues with first all grain attempt (Stone IPA clone)

    FWIW you really ought to read up and learn more about what you are doing before hand. Not to quell your enthusiasm for asking questions, but during the process of doing your own research to answer these questions you will find many more answers to other questions you are going to have in the...
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    Dry Hop Question

    From experience I can tell you DO NOT use anything steel to weight down your hop bag, unless you are 100% positive it is stainless! Otherwise the 'I' in IPA will stand for a distinct iron taste. I use marbles for sinking, tie a piece of fishing line to the bag, and learned that dry hopping...
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    home brewer laws

    If they would just raise our taxes we would be even more safe....if nothing else, from ourselves.
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    ball bearings = dumped beer

    Cleaned em good. Soaked the hell outta them. I imagine some oil could have been impregnated into the steel but this was metal taste. Lesson learned I guess... Gotta get my still together so I can make some fuel.:mug:
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    ball bearings = dumped beer

    ...these balls are always getting me in trouble...:eek:
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    ball bearings = dumped beer

    Yes, yes, in this case it was an i guess the i stood for iron!
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    ball bearings = dumped beer

    Well, the bearing came from my WD45 Allis Chalmers tractor that I was tearing apart this last winter...that *&^$%[email protected]% piece of shat showed me who was boss by wrecking my beer. I use hop pellets and usually just toss them in, but I was a little shy on beer volume and wanted to eliminate any loss...
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    ball bearings = dumped beer

    Ooooohhhhh, the humanity! I just had to dump my first 5 gallon batch because of the metalic taste the ball bearings I used for dry hopping released into my beer. Unsure if it was the fact that these were from a used bearing or not, but they went in shiney and clean and came out of the beer a...
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    Cloudy IPA

    My ipas don't clear until at least 3 weeks in the fridge, so I am now cellaring them at @50 for a few weeks so I am hoping that will reduce the fridge clearing time...research is on going...
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    water analysis please

    Yeah, I'm learning that as I read up on this.
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    water analysis please

    Thank you LexusChris for the links!
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    water analysis please

    Since I am too damn lazy to become a beer water chemist, what do I have to do with these numbers? I do all grain... pH 8.2 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 128 Electrical Conductivity, mmho/cm 0.21 Cations / Anions, me/L 2.5 / 2.3 ppm Sodium, Na 4 Potassium, K 9 Calcium, Ca 26...
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    55% Efficiency / Low Beer Volume

    I just did my 2nd grain batch and am struggling with my water volumes as well. I think I had two variables that were not was the grain absorption number and the other was boil off amount. I use Beersmith and ended up with over .5 g too much wort pre-boil so I went with a 90...
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    .05 Blood Alcohol Limit for Driving?

    Its called perspective.
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    .05 Blood Alcohol Limit for Driving?

    Thats fine for you. I would not wish to live in such a country. If you all believe that the b.a.c. issue is about saving lives, then it should be 0.00. While your at it, the speed limit should probably be lowered to say, 10 mph? And if you are on any medication, or not taking medication...
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    Had A Special Visitor Yesterday

    Uuhh what the hell are putting in your beer??
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    .05 Blood Alcohol Limit for Driving?

    "BAC limits are a lot like speed limits." What a totally disingenuous argument. In order to make that comparison you would have to accept that everyone who is driving is drinking. Not only that, I don't care it you are a race car driver, if you are driving those speeds outside the controlled...
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    Question about cops and for those who live in Association communities

    Progressivism at it's best. Wouldn't you love to find out who bitched and leave a big coil of yesterday's food in their driveway some evening? Beavis would....
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    batch sparge calculator

    Works pretty slick Bob. Can you add in a mt temperature as well? I like to preheat mine...
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    .05 Blood Alcohol Limit for Driving?

    This smells of a revenue enhancer to me. You really want to make a difference in drunk driving, make the penalties for the 2nd offence drastic, and make the penalty for someone over a high amount extremely nasty. This crap of nailing someone under .1 is exactly that...crap. These people are...