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    Over-carbonated cider... exploded home brew gallon jug

    Any suggestions on getting the carbonation lower on a 5 gallon batch I made? I am down 2 gallons thus far. Woke up to an exploding jug this morning... lol
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    I live in Westwood NJ and all CO2 places are only open 7-4 week days. Need a place to fill my tanks. Just moved here and trying any route. All paint ball and sparring stores can’t fill it because they don’t want to sell all their gas at once or they aren’t allowed to. Any suggestions besides...
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    How to make higher ABV

    Hey everyone, I brewed a block party summer ale from northern brewing and I don’t think I boiled the wort hard enough but it’s been fermenting for 2 weeks and one week was colder temperatures so I got a heat pad to make it around 70F and it’s been at that for a week under a blanket for...