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  1. NickTheGreat

    Cherry Vinegar?!?

    Hey all, I wandered over here from the Beer side of the forums. :mug: So my family and I went and picked berries this weekend and picked a gallon of sour pie cherries. This was Saturday, and I made the mistake of rinsing them and laying them out to dry. So I thought. I put them back in...
  2. NickTheGreat

    Back in the Saddle Again

    Hey all! I just wanted to boast that I brewed this weekend for the first time since March of 2015! My first daughter was born in May of 2015 and then another one a few years later! So I took a day of free time this Saturday and brewed two 5-gallon batches. It'd been too long, so I'm sure I...
  3. NickTheGreat

    Really Old Hops

    Hello world! I'm ready to re-enter the Homebrewing world after a 5 year hiatus. My girls are starting to be able to give me some free time. And I have some extra free time now, it seems. :oops: I was cleaning out the beer/keg fridge to make keg space. And found I still have some hops from...
  4. NickTheGreat

    Cold Plate Confusion

    Hello friends, I saw an ad on my CL for a guy selling a jockey box with a cold plate. He called it "4 inlets and 4 outlet" regarding the plate I emailed him, but he told me "the main line from the keg to the aluminum block is one line...
  5. NickTheGreat

    New to brewing, but not beer!

    Hey all, Been lurking this site for months now. I've always wanted to brew my own beer and a few months ago did just that. I bought a starter kit from my LHBS and a Trubrew Red Ale extract kit. I see why this will be so addicting Didn't have too many problems. A little bit of boilover...